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high and perfect charity; so that I may increase in doing good works for the love of thee, who sufferedst so great pain and Passion for love of me, even unto death. Who livest.


For Tuesday. T ORD God eternal, I humbly beseech thee U that, by thy great virtue of patience which thou hadst in thy holy Passion, I may this day resist and withstand all deadly temptation, and my mind may be wholly fixed on thee. Who livest. . OUR FATHER.

For Wednesday. BOUNTIFUL Lord God, I pray thee that,

this day, my heart may be enlightened and quickened with thy holy Spirit of grace, and patience, and understanding, to perceive the truth and to follow the same both in thought and work. Who livest.


For Thursday. MERCIFUL Lord God Omnipotent, this

V I heartily beseech thee, that I may have fervent love towards thee, pure earnestness of devotion in thy service, and grace to give thee sincere honour, praise, and glory. Who livest.


For Friday. THIS day, good Lord, I beseech thee, by I thy great virtue and grace, that I may

patiently bear tribulation for thy love; so that I may inwardly in my soul be a partner of thy pains and Passion, with true compunction and sorrow for my sins. Who fivest.


For Saturday. Muis day, merciful Lord, I beseech thee,

1 by the merits of thy painful Passion, grant to me, good Lord, to be purged from all pollution and sin, that I may have at my departure thy everlasting joy and reward in heaven. Who livest. Our FATHER.

MIGHTY, and dreadful, and most mer-

ciful Lord, of infinite loving-kindness and pity, I am but a wretched and miserable sinner, who so often and grievously have offended thy high Majesty. Surely, sweet Jesu, I am not worthy to lift up mine eyes to thy magnificent Presence, weighed down as I am by my sins against thee. For whereas thou, bounteous Lord, mightest have made me a venomous worm or an unreasoning brute, yet of thine infinite good. ness thou hast made me a creature endued with reason, after thine own image and likeness, and with such beauty of soul as to surpass all other living creatures. All this excellence have I lost by my sins and transgressions; and whereas, good Lord, thou didst clothe my soul with light, like the brightness of the heavens, I have made it in

thy sight more foul than anything on earth. And, O merciful Lord God, though of thine infinite love thou didst send down thine only Son to take our human nature upon him, and to suffer pain, injury, and insult for us sinners, and finally to yield his precious Body to be hanged upon the cross, and to undergo the pains of death; yet, for all this, though I have seen all the beneficial gifts of thy grace and kindness, I have repaid thee only with ingratitude, and have given back evil for thy goodness. . Thou, Lord God, hast given me many special graces of thy loving kindness, and not for any merits of my own. Thou hast preserved me from many dangers, which by thy grace only I have escaped. Thou hast bestowed upon me honours which I have enjoyed in my prosperity. And thou, good Lord, of thine infinite goodness and mercy, hast often deferred the execution of thy righteous chastisement upon me, when I, through deadly sin have deserved perpetual punishment; and when many, who are of greater merit than I am, yet suffer continual torment without end. Nevertheless, in spite of all this kindness, I have been unkind and ungrateful towards thee, for which sin I humbly beseech thee that I may have inward sorrow, and repentance, and shame. O merciful Father of Heaven, I entreat thy pity and forgiveness, putting myself wholly into the hands of thy mercy, and being well assured that it is not possible by my own power to

be restored to grace, but only, good Lord, of thine infinite love, which was content that thine only Son Jesus Christ should suffer grievous passion and shed his precious Blood so plenteously for me and all mankind, when one drop might have sufficed for the redemption of us all. I therefore humbly beseech thee that I may receive one drop for the remission of my sins, which I have committed against thine infinite goodness, O most glorious and blessed Trinity; trusting faithfully that thine inestimable loving-kindness is-more ready to forgive me than I can diligently ask or call for it, when I offend thee.


MY Lord and Almighty Maker, through

whose righteousness Lucifer fell from heaven for his pride, Adam also through disobedience was driven from Paradise, King Pharaoh was drowned for his obstinacy, Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed for sin, Judas punished for his avarice and treachery; when thou by thy righteousness shalt come to judge both quick and dead, I beseech thee, good Lord, to judge me, a poor sinner, mercifully, and here to give me time and opportunity for repentance, that by thy grace I may win everlasting life.



MERCIFUL Lord, I am not worthy

that thou shouldst enter into my sinful house; yet, notwithstanding, thou hast said, " Whoso eateth my Flesh and drinketh my Blood dwelleth in me and I in him.” Wherefore, O Lord God, have mercy upon me a sinner, in the receiving of this thy Body, in wonderful mystery flesh and blood; that I receive it not to my damnation, but through thy mercy to the health of my soul, and for the remission of all my sins by thy painful Passion. Who livest. OUR FATHER.

WHEN YOU HAVE RECEIVED. TN this very true receiving of thy glorious 1. Body of flesh and blood, my suffering Lord Almighty, grant that I taste thee not to my damnation and judgment; but that I may obtain thereby remission of my sins, and may lead and live a charitable life while I am here on earth, so that I may hereafter come to the eternal kingdom of heaven, by thy virtue and grace, O Jesu. Who livest.

MY Lord God, I humbly beseech thee of

thy loving-kindness to hear me praying and confessing my sins to thee; and I, a poor penitent, humbly pray thee to forgive me my offences, and that I may henceforth live in

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