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wanders in darkness and in fear to perish, and knows not whither it goes, for want of thy heavenly guidance. Anoint my soul with such grace in devotion, that I may do thy pleasure and will, and not mine, O Lord. Amen.


MOST mighty Lord Jesu Christ, when U I remember the saving of the holy Prophet David, Lord, what is man, that thou art mindful of him: and the son of man that thou visitest him? I think with myself, how may 1, a poor sinner, complain, if thou, Lord, forsake me; or what accusation have I to lay against thee, if thou shouldest leave me forlorn ? Surely none. Wherefore, O Lord, have mercy upon me and spare me, for I have grievously sinned. How shall I approach thee, O Lord my God, and my Saviour? When wilt thou cleanse me from my sin and iniquity? I am but dust in thy sight. Thou hast made me of clay, and into this dust must I return again. Thou, Lord, hast given me life, and hast plenteously showed thy mercy upon me. Thus hast thou ever supported me, in the day of sorrow alike and in the day of joy. But when, good Lord, I am in health, wealth, or prosperity, and my heart is glad within me, in that hour forget me not, I beseech thee, nor withdraw thyself apart, for then I am in most danger from mine enemy. Then, Lord, show me my weakness, and hide not thy face from me, lest mine enemy should tri. umph over me. Deliver me from his snares, and fortify me always against him; and oftentimes, O Lord, suffer me to bewail here, in this vale of misery, any sin and sorrow, that ever I have been so ungrateful to thee for thy kindness which thou hast shown me. If thou, Lord, shouldest suffer me to destroy myself, I have well deserved it; but yet, of thy bountiful grace and mercy, stretch forth thy hand and rescue me from danger. Give me here thy grace, that I may praise and honour thee, now and ever. Amen. EARNEST PRAYER TO CHRIST CRUCIFIED.

SOVEREIGN Lord God, who didst

will for our sins and trespasses to descend from heaven to redeem the world ; to be reproved by the wicked Jews, Scribes, and Pharisees; to be betrayed through the kiss of Judas; to be bound as a felon; to be led as a lamb to the sacrifice; to be falsely accused before Annas, Caiaphas, and Herod; to be accused by false witnesses ; to be vexed with spiteful torments ; to be mocked, and crowned with thorps; to be spit upon, beaten, and buffeted; to be pierced through the hands and feet with blunt nails; to be shamefully raised on the cross, as a sinner, between two thieves ; to be offered the bitter vinegar and gall, through the sponge; to be pierced in the side with a sharp spear, whence flowed the Blood and the Water: By thine intolerable pains and agony, suffered in thy tender Body, far more than I, wretched sinner, can esteem or rehearse ; by the breaking of thy heart for our sins on the Holy Cross, deliver me, O Lord, from the inestimable pains of hell, as thou didst deliver the thief who hung by thee; and when the bitter hour of my last agony shall come, bring me too from the shadow of death to the light of thine eternal joy, where by thy divine ordinances I sted. fastly believe that thou livest and reignest, world without end. Amen.

CONTEMPLATION OF THE CROSS. LORD Jesu, thou art the very Lamb of

God, and very God and Man, most meek and kind; who wast offered for us on the altar of the Cross, there to suffer painful death, and whose Body is continually offered in the Sacrament of the Altar, where I praise thee, and worship thee, and glorify thee; beseeching thee that my soul may escape the danger of everlasting pains of death. Seeing then that thou hast bought me with thy precious Blood, O Lord, King of Glory, of Mercy, and of Pity, I believe and acknowledge that thou sufferedst thy most holy Body to be drawn, to be broken, and to be nailed painfully to the Cross. Wherefore, I beseech thee, merciful Lord, for thine in. finite pity and goodness, and for the piteous wounds and pains which thou didst suffer in thy blessed Arms, give thy grace to me, that through all the days of my life I may not stretch forth my arms or my body to do any

unkindness or harm to my Christian brother or neighbour, but only to do good works to thy honour and glory, and to the profit of every Christian about me or elsewhere.

Also, Lord Jesu Christ, King of Mercy and Pity, I believe and acknowledge that thou sufferedst thy blessed Feet to be nailed grievously on the Cross for our sins and offences. I pray thee, Lord Jesu, by thine endless mercy and pity; I humbly beseech thee, by the painful wounds that thou, Lord, sufferedst there in thy Side; that thou wilt forgive me all my sins which I have com. mitted in travelling the road of life, in work. ing, in idleness, and in vanity; and give me grace that, all the days of my life, I may avoid folly and idle vanities, and convert my steps to good works pleasing in thy sight, that I may be acceptable to thee and profitable to all about me.

Also, Lord Jesu Christ, King of Glory, I believe and acknowledge that, when thou sawest the city of Jerusalem given over to sins for which it should be destroyed, thou weptest full tenderly for other men's sins. I pray thee, Jesu Christ, King of mercy, who of thine endless pity didst shed so loving tears for our sinfulness from thy glorious eyes, that thou wilt forgive me all my sins which I have committed, in spending money and care ou the pleasure of my eyes; and give me grace that, all the days of my life, I may no more offend thy goodness in vain and sinful sights. Turn away mine eyes, that they may see nothing but the beauty of thy works; and spare me to thy love and fear, that I may see clearly to do good works profitable to my soul and acceptable in thine eyes.

Also, Lord Jesu, I believe and acknowledge that, when thou didst hang nailed on the Cross, thou heardest thine enemies speak many words of abuse and slander against thine endless patience. I pray thee, therefore, by all the pains which thou sufferedst in thy Hearing, that thou, Lord, wilt be pleased to forgive me all the sins whereby I have offended thee in listening to evil tales and reports against my Christian brethren. Give me grace that I may no more spend my time in listening to backbiting, or in taking pleasure in such things, but rather in hearing the words of thy holy Gospel preached and taught, and in keeping them in my mind; so that I inay hereafter act to the honour and glory of thee, my Lord God, and to the profit of my neighbour, as far as in me lies, both in word and in deed.

Also, Lord Jesu, King of Glory, I believe and acknowledge that, when thou wast yet hanging on the Cross, thou didst open thy most holy Mouth, and didst pray for thine enemies, exhorting the ignorant and comforting the comfortless. I pray thee, Lord Jesu, for thine endless mercy and goodness, and for the loving words which proceeded out of thy mouth, that thou wilt forgive me all the sins which I have committed in evil speak

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