Proceedings of the Bunker Hill Monument Association at the Annual Meeting


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Sivu 27 - And the stately Spanish men to their flagship bore him then, Where they laid him by the mast, old Sir Richard caught at last, And they praised him to his face with their courtly foreign grace; But he rose upon their decks, and he cried...
Sivu 54 - Orderly Book, March 3. MONDAY, MARCH 4. At Cambridge : " March 4th. — There was an almost incessant roar of cannon and mortars during the night, on both sides. The Americans took possession of Dorchester heights, and nearly completed their works on both the hills by morning. Perhaps there never was so much work done in so short a space of time.
Sivu 53 - ... to the heights of Dorchester, as a relief party. On passing Dorchester Neck I observed a vast number of large bundles of screwed hay, arranged in a line next the enemy, to protect our troops from a raking fire, to which we should have been greatly exposed, while passing and repassing. The carts were still in motion with materials; some of them have made three or four trips. On the heights we found two forts in considerable forwardness, and sufficient for a defence against small arms and grape...
Sivu 52 - Then follow the carts with the entrenching tools: after which, the working party of twelve hundred, commanded by General Thomas, of Kingston. Next in the martial procession are a train of carts, loaded with fascines and hay. screwed into large bundles of seven or eight hundred weight. The whole procession moved on in solemn silence, and with perfect order and regularity; while the continued roar of cannon serves to engage the attention and divert the enemy from the main object.
Sivu 47 - Harbour of Boston would be such as would probably compel them to Leave the place. But the Cold weather which had made a Bridge of Ice for our passage into Boston, had also frozen the earth to a great depth, especially in the open country...
Sivu 53 - Gracious God! If it be determined in thy Providence that thousands of our fellow creatures shall this day be slain, let thy wrath be appeased, and in mercy grant that victory be on the side of our suffering, bleeding country.
Sivu 47 - Field Engineer.' I immediately requested the general to lend it to me. He denied me. I repeated my request. He again refused, and told me he never lent his books. I then told him that he must recollect that he was one who, at Roxbury, in a measure compelled me to undertake a business which, at the time, I confessed I never had read a word about, and that he must let me have the book.
Sivu 16 - A DUTY has been performed. A work of gratitude and patriotism is completed. This structure, having its foundations in soil which drank deep of early Revolutionary blood, has at length reached its destined height, and now lifts its summit to the skies.
Sivu 51 - I will go with my team," and many more came than could be made use of. A little before sunset we marched off from Roxbury, but for more than half a mile before we came to Dorchester lines we overtook teams in great plenty, nor did we find any vacancy till we came to the lines. In some places they were so wedged in together we were obliged to leave the road to get forward.
Sivu 25 - Than breathes in these fame-wrought gales,— An ode to the noble heart and mind Of the gallant man who fails ! The man who is strong to fight his fight, And whose will no front can daunt, If the truth be truth and the right be right, Is the man that the ages want. Tho' he fail and die in grim defeat, Yet he has not fled the strife, And the house of Earth will seem more sweet For the perfume of his life.

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