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Failed Firms, Balance Sheets of, 152,

Failure of Messrs. De Lisle, Janvrin,

and Company, 695.

Failure of Messrs. C. J. Mare and
Company, 692.

Failure of Mr. E. Oliver, 567.
Failure of Messrs. Strahan, Paul, and
Bates, 409, 624, 743.

Faucher, Leon, Memoirs of, 133.
Fictitious Warrants, The Circulation
of, 437, 493, 702.

Finances of England, The, 15.

Finances of France, The, 82.

Foreign Loans, 35.

French Loan, The late, 568.
French Money Standard, The, 687.
French and Turkish Loans, The, 508.
Funds, Prices of the, in each number.

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Banking and Commercial Law during
the year 1854. Review of the pro-
gress of, 39,
Bills of Exchange and Promissory
Notes, The New Act, 513.

Bills of Exchange, Proposed Summary
Remedy on, 321.

Bills of Exchange, on Legal Effects of
Altering, 821.

Cheques, the Law Respecting Payment
of, &c., 105.

Equitable Liens, The Law of, 385.

Law of Partnership—Limited Liability,
448, 516, 581

Legal Effect of Altering Bills of Ex-
change, On the, 821.

Leoni Levi's, Mr., Lecture at King's
College, 716.

Responsibility of Bankers, &c., 723.
Reviews of the Progress of Banking
and Commercial Law during the
year 1854, 39.

Stolen Notes, The Law of, 216

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