Practical shop mechanics and mathematics

J. Wiley & sons, inc., 1915 - 130 sivua

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Sivu 134 - A series of carefully adapted texts for use in technical vocational and industrial schools. The subjects treated will include Applied Science; Household and Agricultural Chemistry; Electricity; Electrical Power and Machinery; Applied Mechanics; Drafting and Design; Steam; Gas Engines; Shop Practice; Applied Mathematics; Agriculture; Household Science, etc. The following texts are announced; others are being added rapidly; ELECTRICITY THE ELEMENTS OF ELECTRICITY; For Technical Students. By WH TIMBIE,...
Sivu 136 - York and at Cooper Union Woman's •Art School, vi+73 pages. 8 by 10%. 340 figures. Cloth, $1.50 net. AGRICULTURAL DRAFTING. ~ By CHARLES B. HOWE, ME viii+63 pages, 8 by 10%. 45 figures, 26 plates. Cloth, $1.25 net. ARCHITECTURAL DRAFTING. By AB GREENBERG, Stuyvesant Technical High School, New York, and CHARLES B. HOWE, Bushwick Evening High School, Brooklyn. viii + 110 pages, 8 by 10M- 53 figures, 12 plates.
Sivu 141 - IQ%. $1.00 net. A cloth binder for above sold separately. 50 cents net. Exercises in Farm Dairying:. By Professor C. LARSEN, Department of Dairy Husbandry, South Dakota State College. Loose leaf. 8 by 10j.
Sivu 139 - Removal leaves. $1.00 net. Qualitative Chemical Analysis. By CE BIVINS, Instructor in Qualitative Analysis, Pratt Institute. 11 pamphlets, supplemented by Work Sheets by which the student is taught equations and chemical processes. Complete with work sheets in paper cover.
Sivu 140 - Institute 52 Exercises. Complete in paper cover, 85 cents net. Elementary Electrical Testing. By Professor V. KARAPETOFF, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 25 exercises. Complete in paper cover.
Sivu 135 - Cloth $3.00 net. ELECTRIC LIGHTING. By HH HIGBIE, Professor of Electrical Engineering, University of Michigan. (In preparation.) HEAT AND HEAT ENGINEERING HEAT; A Text-book for Technical and Industrial Students. By JA RANDALL, Instructor in Mechanics and Heat, Pratt Institute. xiv+331 pages, 5M by 8.
Sivu 139 - LABORATORY MANUAL A series of carefully selected exercises to accompany the texts of the Series, covering every subject in which laboratory or field work may be given. Each exercise is complete in itself, and is printed separately. 8 by 10j.
Sivu 140 - ... leaves. 85 cents net. Exercises for the Applied Mechanics Laboratory. Steam; Strength of Materials; Gas Engines; and Hydraulics. By JP KOTTCAMP, ME, Instructor in Steam and Strength of Materials, Pratt Institute. 8 by 10]^.
Sivu 137 - College, v+166 pages, 8 by 69 figures, 50 plates. Cloth, $1.50 net. AGRICULTURE AND HORTICULTURE FIELD AND LABORATORY STUDIES OF SOILS. By Professor AG McCALL, Ohio State University, viii+77 pages, 5 by 7. 32 figures. Cloth, 60 cents net. FIELD AND LABORATORY STUDIES OF CROPS. By Professor AG McCALL, Ohio State University, viii+133 pages, 5 by 7.
Sivu 135 - Professor of Power Engineering, Sibley College, Cornell University, and TC ULBRICHT, formerly Instructor, Department of Power Engineering, Cornell University, viii+419 pages.

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