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ed; or which either the care of the soul Dic : the malice of the de- rect me in all my ways,. vil, or the wicked

w and guide my feet in thy

4 paths, that I may, at the ness or misfortunes iaft, írom a life of rightëof the world, may ousness be translated to bring upon me.) a life of eternal glory.). - .,

I resign, O God, and give myself to thy providence; I submit myself to all the events which it shall please thee to bring: upon me; and grant me always those: things, whether prosperous or adverse, that may best conduce, and be most pro-fitable to my eternál salvation. So, my God, do with me what thou feeft good, and let thy holy will be done in me, and by me, for the sake of Jesus Christ our: Lord. And for this end,

Teach me to direct my conversation a3 , becometh the gospel ; and grant that I may this day, and for ever, endeavour to inortify my corrupt inclinations, to cleaníc myself from all filthiness of flesh and. fpirit, and to bring every inordinare desire: to the obedience of thy will.

Fill my heart with such honest and up.. right affections for truth and justice, that no worldly interest or advantage, how:. promising or great foever, may be able to: shake my integrity, which I beg: may be. always supported by thy providence, and that in the use of honitit and lawful



means I may improve that talent, which thy infinite wildom and goodness has committed to my charge..

“ Be gracious, O most merciful God, " to the whole race of mankind; pity the ? cpiorable state of those that know thee "poi, and have never heard of thy name: "reform the wicked and impenitent; and "let all that name the name of Christ de“part from iniquity.

* Let every one of my friends and re"lations, O God, be of the number of “thole whom thou loveft and delightest bs in. Defend them from the evils and "temptations of this world ; and grant “theni whatever thou feest needful both * for their souls and bodies.''

And now, O my God! relying firmly on thy gracious promises, I co:nmend into thy hands myself, and all that thou last given or blessed me with, my soul and body, and all iny relations; keep us from all evil, lead us into all good, carry us lafely through the dangers and temptajions of this wicked world, to that place of everlasting rest and peace, which thou haft prepared for those that die in the Lord, through the merits of thy beloved Son Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour, in whole words I sum up and recommend the wants of all mankind, toge


ther with iny own, saying, Our Father which art in heaven, &c. An evening prayer, to be used any day in the

Week, Lord, let my prayer be set forth in thy sight as the inCense, and let tie liiting up of my hands be an evening sacrifice. Psalm cxli. 2.

Lord! thou hatest iniquity with a

perfect haired, yet I am assured, that thou delightest in the ways of mercy ; that thou art à tender lover of souls, and not only permittelt, but inviteft us, miserable creatures, to come unto thee. With humble confidence, then, O Lord, I lift up my soul unto thee, beseeching thee in much mercy, to look upon me, and to eale me of the burden of my corrupt and finful inclinations.

Forgive, I ineekly beseech thee, whata ever I have done amiss this day, and all my life past, either against thee, my neighbour, or myself; O cleanse me from all iny secret and unknown tranfgref. fions, and, O merciful Father, grant that I may seriously consider and reflect upon the foulness and deformity of sin, and what dreadful threatenings thou hast de. nounced against it; that I may become a true and sincere mourner for my part fins; and, as far as is possible, redeein my mispent time, by employing the reinainder of my days in thy service, and to thy glory.


ruforgive, I inecamiss this aa linee, my Give me, O Lord, a new heart, new affections, and new desires ; that I may love thee with more fincerity, and serve thee with greater faithfulness than I have ever yet done.

Teach me, O Lord, fo to number my days, that I may apply my heart unto true wisdom. ,

Let me never be separated from thee; but grant that I may be of the number of thy faithful and obedient servants, who are united to thee by grace and good works in this life, and will hereafter lire with! thee in endless bliss and happiness. And,

Grant that in the days of health and prosperity I may consider my latter end, and remember and provide for that great account which I must one day give before the judgment-feat of Christ; that when the hour of my departure shall come, I may meet death without fear and ainazement; and with a well-grounded hope of thy mercy and goodness, may cheerfully relign up my soul into thy hands :. and may be willing and even defirous to leave this world, when thou, my God, in thy great wisdom shall see it fitting

Be mindful, O Lord, of all that are in any affliction or distress. Relieve and comfort those that suffer for the teftimo, ny of a good conscience, or that labour


improvate, o Lonnd protectels to ta

under the torments of a wounded fpirit. Let the sorrowful fighing of the afflicted come before thee; and deliver them, in thy good time, out of all their troubles. Here may be added the two paragraphs in the niorning pray-. er on page 138, marked thus pas ,

To these my prayers and intercessions, I desire to add my unfeigned praises for all thy blessings, spiritual and temporal. I bless thee more particularly for the mer. cies of the day past ; for preserving me in health and safety; and delivering me from the evils which I have most juftly deserved.

Give me grace to make a right use and improvement of all thy mercies; and vouchsafe, O Lord, to continue to me thy gracious favour and protection. Be thou pleased of thy great goodness to take me, (my dear husband or wife and children, and all that belong to me, this night, under the care of thy good providence. Defend us from all perils and dangers ; and after the comfortable refreshments of rest and fleep, raise us up in health and safety, with hearts full of love to thee, and zeal to thy service, through Jesus Christ our Lord, in the fullest sense of whose words I pray to be heard ; saying, Our Father, &c.

A prayer during the time of sickness. A Lmighty and immortal God, the aid A of all that need, the helper of all


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