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The Meditation : Wednesday Morning *. On the resurrection, as a means to excite a due vene

ration for the holy sacrament. Therefore let us keep the feast, not with old leaven, neither with the leaven of malice and wickedness; but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth. I Cor. V, 8.

Come now, my soul, and let us

sing to our Lord a psalm of joy ; fing praises to the God of our salvation ; fing with a loud and cheerful voice; fing with a glad and thankful heart ; fay to the weak of spirit, be strong ; fay to the sorrowful, be of good comfort ; tell all the world this soul-reviving truth, and may their hearts within them leap with joy to hear it. For,

2. The Lord of life is risen again, and bath clothed himself with immortal glory. He made the angels messengers of his victory, and vouchsafed even himself to bring us the joyful news. O my soul, adorn thyself with the garment of gladness, prepare thy most triumphant hymns to go forth to meet this great returning Conqueror.

3. His warfare is now accomplished, and he hath passed through the scorn and cruelty of men; the malice and rage of devils; the juft, but severe anger of God;

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Here you may observe the directions given on page 3.

vea the shadow of death, and the regions of eternal hórror; and after all this, thy furety is set ar liberty s for he hath paid thy debts, and cancelled all those difinal bonds by which thon wert forfeited to eternal ruin.: Blessed bé hé thar cometh in the name of the Lord. : :

4. We receive thee, dearest Saviour, as born to us a fecond time, and this fhall be thy birth-day also, the nativity of thy empire, thy restoration to a state of inmortality. Thý former birth did show thee to be the Son of man, but this declares thee to be the Son of God, and now we know that thou our Redeemer livest, for thou hast told us, I am he that liveth, and was dead; and bebold I am alive for evermore.

5. The ways of thy mercy are un fearchable, 0 thou wise contriver of all out happinefs ! and thy wifdom is infinire, who didst invent theni to convince thy followers into this bleft belief, and fertle in their hearts a firm ground of hope; for, thou didft not only appear to the holy women in their return from the fepulchre, and openedst their eyes to know and adore thee ; but thờu didft purposely overtake, in, their journey, two of thy disciples, that were discoursing of thee, and madest their hearts, burn within them to hear thée. Thou did it coñdefcend to ..?!13 .". F 3 '


and sale, and on their perly app

54. before body. Lulous ?nd halta to ben

54 Wednesday Porning. eat before them, and invite them to touch thy sacred body. How didst thou sweetly invite the incredulous Thomas to thrust his hand into thy side, and hast thence taken occasion, from his hardness to believe, to facilitate the faith of thy church in these after-ages. .

6. Therefore, O my soul, being thus pre-instructed in this great mystery of our faith, by the revelation of Jesus Christ, make it the principal subject of thy ftudies, and the daily entertainment of thy most serious thoughts. Draw me, 0 dearest Lord, from the world and myself, that I be not entangled with any earthly desires. Draw me after thee, with a sure hope of eternal bliss, that I may run with delight in the way of thy commands, and efpecially to thy holy table. Draw me up finally to thee and thy throne of glory, that I may see thy face, and rejoice with thee for ever in thy kingdom. Amen.

A confession of sins on Wednesday Morning, pre

paratory to receiving the holy sacrament. - If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us; but if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins,' and lo cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 1 John i. 8, 9.

Moft mighty God! how shall I, a

poor miserable finner, who am all over sin and pollution, dare to speak unto

thee? thee? O Lord, when I look back on my paft life; I am astonished at thy mercy and long-suffering towards me; and am senfible, if I had been rewarded according to my misdeeds, that I had long before this been condemned to endless misery and torments. And left I drop this opportunity of repentance, I flee unto thee and cry, Lord, be merciful unto me a finner!

I have been a rebellious and disobe. dient sinner, a contemner of thy laws, and one of those wretched fools, that have made á mock at sin, and would not hearken to reproof; my mind has been overspread with blindness, ignorance, and folly, and almost every power and faculty of my soul has been corrupted and defaced. But now as thou hast vouchfafed me this light of thy spirit to see mine infirmities, I flee unto thee, the author of my coinfort, and say, Lord, be merciful unto me a finner!

How have I preferred a life of folly and madness, of extravagance and disorder; a life that hath yielded me shame and much remorse, forrow and affliction, before the peace, and pleasure, and serenity of a sober, virtuous, and religious conversation ! how have I preferred the pleasures and profits of this world to the ways of virtue and religion ! but now I repent, and say, Lord, be merciful unto me a finner!

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O Lord! I dare not plead, that I have fpent any one day of my life folely to thy honour and glory; but how many days, nay, years, have I spent in the fervice of fin, how many are my lufts, and how great my intemperance ? how oft have I profaned thy fabbaths, abused thy facred name, ridiculed thy holy word, defpifed thy minifters, and made a jest of all that is serious ? but now I fee unto thee by this holy facrament, and cry, Lord, be merciful unto me a finner!. Por ļ

If I have been proud and envious, paffionate and angry, full of hatred, malice," and revenge ; if I have been guilty of slandering and abusing, injuring and defrauding of my neighbour; of lewd actions and obscene discourses; of profane and filthy jests, and of frequent curfing, swearing, and lying: 0 Lörd, be merciful unto me a finner!

More particularly, O Lord, I do most forrowfully confess, and lament before thee, to whom all things are naked and open, that I have moft grievously offended thee by-Here namne particulars.]

Lord! what scandal have I brough to religion ; what dishonour to thy name; what reproach to the Chriftian profeffion, by these my wicked and sinful practices; all which I surely trust shall be for:


frauditing and if

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