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given me, when now with a contrite heart I flee unto thee, and say, Lord, be merciful unto me a finner ! Amen.

A prayer to implore God's mercy and forgiveness of

our sins. The wages of sin is death : but the gift of God is eternal life, thro' Jesus Christ our Lord. Rom. vi. 23.

My God! I have no hope but in

that mercy of thine, which thou haft manifested in the redemption of the world, by thy Son Christ Jefus ; that alone is the support of my soul under all its forrow and anguish. I know, O God, that thou sparest when we deserve punishment, and in thy wrath thinkest upon mercy : spare me, therefore, O good Lord ! spare me, and be not angry with me for eyer : wash away all my fins in the blood of thy dear Son, who came into the world to save finners.

O Lord, pardon and forgive, I most earnestly beleech thee, all the sins and tranfgressions of my life past, more par: ticularly (Here mention the sins thou art guilty of.] cleanse thou me, O my God, froin all my fecret and unknown sins; and O! be thou reconciled unto me, and receive me into thy favour, which though I have hitherto fo foolishly abused, yet I now value and prefer above all the pleasures of this world.


Give me, O Lord, I moft heartily befeech thée, such unfeigned repentance of all my past fine, such an hatred and aßhorrence of my former evil ways, that I may, from this moment, take a final leave of all my darling lufts and sinful pleasure. Give me that humble and contrite spirit, whose groans thou dost never despise, that faith which overcometh the world, and which will enable me to conquer mỳ most inveterate habits; and that lové which will make me afraid to offend thee, and which will inspire me with refolucions active and vigorous, honest and sincere ; fuch as, by the affiftance of thy grace and Holy Spirit, may carry me through all difficulties, and be proof against all the temptations of the world, the flesh, and the elevil.

O Lord, hear me! O Lord, help me, and have mercy upon me! grant me the blessing of thy Spirit, and of thy grace, that I may go duly prepared to thy holy table. O Lord, pity and save my soul, forthy truth and mercies' sake, who gavest thy Son Jesus Christ to die for all sinners, and to rise again for their justification. Amen. Blessed Lord! Amen.

Our Father which art in heaven, &c.

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Directions, : : . The foregoing prayer may be properly used, if time will permit, upou seuramient-day.

Here also observe the directions given on page 8, and more particularly endeavour to improve your soul by reading a lesson out of the New WHOLE DUTY OF MAN, Sunday 4. Section IV. and y.

The Meditation: Wednesday Evening. On the joys of heaven, which we begin to taste in a

worthy receiving of the holy sacrament. Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him. ! Cor. ij. 9. : : IT OOK, O my foul, and behold that

u glorious state, prepared above, for the spirits of the just made perfect. But how shall we, poor duft and ashes, and laden too with the burden of our sins, how shall we hope to ascend those higher regions; or claim a portion in that holy land?fear not, my soul, ask the bright angels, what made them happy; and straight they'll answer with a sprightly voice, “we readily obeyed our great Creator; and he fixed us here to îhine for ever.” Afk the blessed saints, what brought them to felicity; and immediately they'll tell you in the same glad tone, “we faithfully loved our dear Redeemer, and that love has placed us


2. Look

2. Look up, O my soul! and see the sacred humanity of thy dear Redeemer ; that blessed Jesus that died for us upon the cross; and now invites us to partake of his holy sacrament. See and rejoice in those eternal honours, which heaven and earth pay to their king. .

3. What is a name of honour, or a momentary pleasure, compared to the bliss of an eternal paradise? what is a bag of money, or a fair estate, if counterbalanced with the treasures of heaven? how narrow there do our greatest kingdoms seem! how small a circle the whole globe of the earth! cities and towns show like little mole-hills, and the busy world but as a swarm of ants, running up and down, and joftling one another; and all this ftir for a few grains or husks.

4. O heaven, let me again lift up mine eyes to thee, and take a fuller view of that glorious prospect! There let me stand and fix my steady sight, till I am fully convinced, that all the most prof. perous fortune we can here pofless, is all an idle dream compared to thy real joys; an absolute nothing compared to thy solid felicity.

Here observe the directions given on page 3, and more particularly endeavour to improve your soul by reading a lesson out of the New WHOLE DUTY OF MAN, Sunday 5. Section V.


The prayer on Wednesday Evening, for the attainment

of everlasting happiness. · Whoso eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, hath efernal life, and I will raise him up at the last day. John vi. 54.

Most great, moft mighty, and mot

glorious Lord God! look down from the habitation of thy holiness, upon me thy unworthy creature, who am come into thy presence to adore thy incom. prehensible majesty, and to prelent before thee the evening sacrifice of iny unfeigned praises for thy many and undeserved favours bestowed upon me. I acknowledge thy eternal honour, glory, praise, and adoration, for thou art the lovereign Lord of heaven and earth, by whom all things were made, and by intinite power and goodness they are prelerved and kept in being. And, · Blessed be thy unspeakable goodness, that has advanced me to such a degree of being, that I am in some measure capable to know thee, to love thee, to serve thee, and obey thee. And for ever blessed be thy name, O Lord, that I was born of Chriftian parents, and early dedicated to thee by baptism; and that by thy grace and goodness I have been prelerved to this moment, and have, in any


• degree,

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