Annual Report of the Trustees of the State Library, Niteet 36–39


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Sivu 81 - The Trial of Theodore Parker for the " Misdemeanor " of a Speech in Faneuil Hall against Kidnapping, before the Circuit Court of the United States, at Boston, April 3, 1855. With the Defence.
Sivu 37 - Court, and on appeal in the Court of Errors and Appeals of the State of New Jersey.
Sivu 60 - TRANSACTIONS of the Society for the Promotion of Useful Arts in the State of New York.
Sivu 111 - Report of the Hon. James Meacham, of the special committee of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution, on the distribution of the income of the Smithsonian fund," &c., was presented, and on motion laid on the table.
Sivu 76 - The history of the flagellants ; or, the advantages of discipline. Being a paraphrase and commentary on the Historia Flagellantium of the Abbe Boileau, Doctor of the Sorbonne, &c.
Sivu 51 - A collection of all the acts of assembly, now in force, in the colony of Virginia.
Sivu 27 - Compte general de l'administration de la justice civile et commerciale en France pendant l'année 1870.
Sivu 24 - The code of 1650, being a compilation of the earliest laws and orders of the General Court of Connecticut.
Sivu 41 - Digest of all the Cases decided in the Supreme Court of the State of Vermont, as reported in N.

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