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Q. 8. Are there more Gods chan one?
A. There is but One only the living and true God k.
Q. 9. How many persons are there in the Godhead?

A. There be three persons in the Godhead, the Father, ihe Son, and the Holy Ghost; and these three are one trucs , eternal God, the fame in substance, equal in power and glory; although distinguished by their personal properties l.

Q. 10. What are the personal properties of the three perfons in the Godhead?

A. It is proper to the Father to beget the Son m, and to the Son to be begotten of the Father n, and to the Holy Ghost to proceed from the Father and the Son from all eternity o.

Q.II. .8.. Deut. vi. 4. Hear, O Israel, xxviii. 19. Goye therefore and teach The Lord our God is one Lord. all nations, baptizing them in the : Cor. viii. 4. As concerning there- name of the Father, and of the Son, fore the eating of those things that and of the Holy Ghoft. 2 Cor. xiii. are offered in facrifice unto idols, 14. Tke, grace of the Lord Jesus we know that an idol is nothing in Christ, and the love of God, and the world, and that there is none o- the communion of the Holy Ghost, ther God but one. v. 6.. But to us be with you all. Amen: John x. 30. there is but one God, the Father, I and 'my Father are one. of whom are all things, and we in

10. m Heb, i,


For unto which him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, of the angels said he at any time, by whom are all things, and we by Thou art my Son, this day have I him. Jer. x. 10. But the Lord is begotten thee? And again, I will the true God, he is the living God, be to him a Father, and he thall be and an everlafting King: at his to me a Son. v. 6. And again, when wrath the earth thall tremble, and he bringeth in the first begotten in.: the nations Thall not be able to a. to the world, he faith, And let all bide his indignation.

the angels of God worship him. v.. 9. 1 1 John v. 7. For there are 8. But unto the Son he faith, Thy three that bear record in heaven, throne, O God, is for ever and ethe Father, the Word, and the Ho- ver; a fceptre of righteousness is ly Ghost: and these three are one. the sceptre of thiy kingdom. Mat, iii. 16. And Jesus, when he n John i. 14. And the Word was was baptized, went up straightway made flesh, and dwelt among us out of the water: and lo, the hea- (and we beheld his glory, the glovens were opened unto him, and he ry as of the only begotten of the Saw the Spirit of God descending Father) full of grace and truth. v. like a dove, and lighting upon him. 18. No man hath seen God at any v. 17. And lo, a voice from heaven, time; the only begotten Son, who saying, This is my beloved Son, in is in the bosom of the Father, he whom I am well pleased. Mat. hath declared him

• John

0. 11. How doth it appear that the Son and the Holy Ghost are God equal with the Father?

A. The scriptures manifest that the Son and the Holy Ghoft are God equal with the Father, ascribing unto them such namesp, attributes q, worksr, and worships, as are pro

per • John wv, 26. But when the back part of the price of the land? Comforter is come, whom I will v. 4. Whilft it remained, was it not send unto you from the Father, e. thine own? and after it was sold, ven the Spirit of truth which pro- was it not in thine own power? why ceedeth from the Father, he shall haft thou conceived this thing in testify of me. Gal. iv. 6. And be- thine heart? thou hast not lied uncause ye are fons, God hath sent to men, but unto God. forth the Spirit of his Son into your 9 John i. 1. In the beginning was hearts, crying, Abba, Fathér. the Word, and the Word was with

11. p Isa. vi. 3. And one cried God, and the Word was God. Ifa. unto another, and said, Holy, ho- ix. 6. For unto us a child is born, ly, holy is the Lord of hosts, the unto us a son is given, and the gowhole earth is full of his glory. v. vernment shall be upon his shoul's. Then said I, Wo is me, for I am der: and his name ihall be called undone, because I am a man of un- Wonderful, Counseller, the mighclean lips, and I dwell in the midst ty God, The everlasting Father, of a people of unclean lips: for mine The Prince of peace. John ii. 24. eyes have seen the King, the Lord But Jesus did not commit himself of hosts: v.8. also I heard the voice unto them, because he knew all of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I men; v. 25. And needed not that send? and who will go for us? Then any should testify of man; for he faid I, Here am I, lend me. Conn- knew what was in man. 1 Cor. ii. pared with John xii. 41. These 10. But God hath revealed them things said Efaias, when he saw his unto us by his Spirit; for the Spirit glory and spake of him. And with searcheth all things, yea, the deep Acts xxviii. 25. And when they a- things of God. v. 11. For what greed not among themselves, they man knoweth the things of a man, departed, after that Paul had spok- fave the spirit of man that is in him? en one word, Well spake the Holy even so the things of God knoweth Ghost by Esaias the prophet unto no man, but the Spirit of God. our fathers. 1 John v. 20. And we r Col. i. 16. For by him were all know that the Son of God is come, things created that are in licaven, and hath given us an understand- and that are in earth, visible and ing, that we may know him that is invisible, whether they be thrones, true: and we are in him that is true, or dominions, or principalities, or even in his Son Jesus Christ. This powers: all things were created by is the true God, and eternal life. him, and for him. Gen. i. 2. And Acts v. 3. But Peter said, Ananias, the earth was without form and why hath Satan filled thine heart voil, and darkness was upon the to licto the Holy Ghost, and to keep face of the deep• and the Spirit of



per to God only.

Q. 1 2. What are the decrees of God?

A. God's decrees are the wise, free, and holy acts of the counsel of bis willt, whereby, from all eternity, he hath, for his own glory, unchangeably fore-ordained whatsoever comes to pass in timev, especially concerning angels and men.

Q. 13. What hath God especially decreed concerning angels and men ?

A. God, by an eternal and immutable decree, out of his mere love, for the praise of his glorious grace to be manifefted in due time, hath elected some angels to glory w; and in Christ hath choren some men to eternal life and the means thercofx: and also, according to his sovereign power, and


God moved upon the face of the and whom he will he hardeneth. waters.

v Eph.i.4. According as he hath Mat, xxviii. 19. Go ye therefore chosen us in him before the foundaand teach all nations, baptizing tion of the world, that we thould them in the name of the Father, be holy, and without blame before and of the Son, and of the Holy him in love. v. 11. In whom also Ghoit. 2 Cor. xi. 14. The grace we have obtained an inheritance, of the Lord Jerus Christ, and the being predestinated acccording to love of God, and the communion' the purpose of him who worketh of the Holy Ghost, be with you all. all things after the counsel of his Amen.

own will. Rom. ix, 22. What if 12. • Eph. i. 11. In whom also God, willing to shew his wrath, we have obtained an inheritance, and to make his power known, enbeing predestinated according to dured with much long-suffering the the purpose of him who worketh vessels of wrath fitted to destructiall things after the counsel of his on: v. 23. and that he might make own will. Rom. xi. 33. O the depth known the riches of his glory on the of the riches both of the wisdom vessels of mercy, which he had afore and knowledge of God! how un- prepared unto glory? Pfal. xxxiii. searchable are his judgments, and 11. The counsel of the Lord standhis ways paft finding out! Rom.ix, eth for ever, the thoughts of his 14. What shall we fay then? Is there heart to all generations. unrighteousness with God? God

13. w 1 Tim. V. 21. I charge forbid. v. 15. For he faith to Moses, thee before God and the Lord Jesus I will have mercy on whom I will Christ, and the elect angels; that have mercy, and I will have com- thou observe these things without paflion on whom I will have come preferring one before another, dopallion. v. 18. Therefore hath he ing nothing by partiality. mercy on whom he will have mercy, * Eph.i. 4. According as he hath


the unsearchable counsel of his own will (whereby he extendeth or withholdeth favour as he pleaseth) hath passed by, and fore-ordained the rest to dishonour and wrath, to be for their fin inflicted, to the praise of the glory of his justicey.

Q. 14. How doth God execute his decrees?

A. God executeth his decrees in the works of creation and providence; according to his infallible fore-knowledge, and the free and immutable counsel of his own will z.

Q. 15. W'hat is the work of creation?
A. The work of creation is that wherein God did in the

beginchosen us in him before the founda- his power known, endured with tion of the world, that we should much long-suffering the vefsels of be holy, and without blame before wrath fitted to destruction ? Mat. him in love: v. 5. having predesti. xi. 25. At that time Jesus answered nated us unto the adoption of chil- and said, I thank thee, O Father, dren by Jesus Christ to himself, ac- Lord of heaven and carth, because cording to the good pleasure of his thou hast hid these things from the will, v. 6. to the praise of the glory wife and prudent, and halt revealof his

grace, wherein he hath made ed them unto babes, v. 26. Even so, us accepted in the Beloved. 2 Theff. Father, for so it seemed good in thy ii. 13. But we are bound to give fight. 1 Tim. ii. 20. But in a great thanks alway to God for you, bre- house there are not only vessels of thren, beloved of the Lord, because gold, and of filver, but also of wood, God hath from the beginning cho- and of earth; and some to honour, sen you to falvation, through fanç- and some to difhonour. Jude 4. For tification of the Spirit, and belief there are certain men crept in unaof the truth: v. 14. whereunto he wares, who were' before of old orcalled you by our gospel, to the ob- dained to this condemnation, untaining of the glory of the Lord Je. godly men, turning the grace of fus Christ.

our God into lafciviousness, and de, Rom. ix. 17. For the scripture nying the only Lord God, and our faith unto Pharaoh, Even for this Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Pet. ii. 8. And same purpose have I raised thee up, a stone of stumbling, and a rock of that I might fhew my power in thee, offence, even to them who tumble and that my name might be declar- at the word, being disobedient, ed throughout all the earth. v. 18. whereunto also they were appointTherefore hath he mercy on whom éd. he will have mercy, and whom hé 14. z Eph. i. 11. In whom also will he hardeneth. v. 21. Hath not we have obtained an inheritance, the potter power over the clay, of being predestinated according to the same lump, to make one vessel the purpose of him who worketh unto honour, and another unto dif- all things after the counsel of his honour? v. 22. What if God, willing to thew his wrath, and to make


15. (Gen.

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beginning, by the word of his power, make of nothing the world and all things therein for himself, within the space of fis days, and all very good a.

Q. 16. How did God create angels?

A. God created all the angels b spirits c, immortal d, holye, excelling in knowledgef, mighty in powerg, to execute his commandments, and to praise his name h, yet subject to change i.

Q. 17. How did God create man?

A. After God had made all other creatures, he created man male and female k; formed the body of the man of the dust of the groundl, and the woman of the rib of the

man; 15. (Gen. i. chapter.) Heb. xi. able: for as an angel of God, fo is 3. Through faith we understand my lord the king to discern good that the worlds were framed by the and bad: therefore the Lord thy word of God, so that things which God will be with thee. Mat. xxiv. are seen were not made of things 36. But of that day and hour knowwhich do appear. Prov.xvi. 4. The eth no man, no not the angels of Lord hath inade all things for him- heaven, but my Father only. felf; yea, even the wicked for the § 2 Theil. i. 7. And to you who day of evil.

are troubled, rest with us, when the 16.b Col.i. 16. For by him were * Lord Jesus shall be revealed from all things created that are in hea- heaven, with his mighty angels. von, and that are in carch, visible b Pfal. ciïi. 20. Bless the Lord, and invisible, whether they be ye his angels, that excel in strength, thrones, or dominions, or princi- that do his commandments, hearkpalities or porrers: all things were ening unto the voice of his word. created by him, and for him.

Bless ye the Lord, all ye his c Pfal. civ. 4. Who maketh his hosts, ye ministers of his that do his angels fpirits: his ministeșs a flain- pleasure. ing fire.

i 2 Pet. i. 4. For if God spared d Mat. xxii. 30. For in the resur- not the angels that sinned, but cast rection they neither marry, nor are them down to hell, and delivered given in marriage: but are as the them into chains of darkness, to be angels of God in hcaven.

reserved unto judgment. e Mat. xxv. 31. When the Son 17. & Gen. i. 27. So God created of man fhall come in his glory, and man in his own image, in the image all tlic holy angels with him, then of God created he him: male and frall lie fit upon the throne of his female created he them. glory.

1 Gen. ii. 7. And thc Lord God f 2 Sam. xiv. 17. Then thine formed nan of the dust of the hand-maid fuid, The word of my ground, and breathed into his noflord the king hall now be comfort, trils the breath of life.

m Gen,

V. 21.

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