Translation of the Letters of a Hindoo Rajah: Written Previous To, and During the Period of His Residence in England. To which is Prefixed a Preliminary Dissertation on the History, Religion, and Manners, of the Hindoos. In Two Volumes, Nide 2

Wells and Lilly, 1819 - 530 sivua

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Sivu 32 - I will therefore that men pray every where, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting ; in like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety, not with broidered hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array, but (which becometh women professing godliness,) with good works.
Sivu 187 - Women !" repeated Mr. Vapour, with a contemptuous smile; "we shall not then be troubled with — women. In the age of reason, the world shall contain only a race of men ! !" Nothing could be more repugnant to the opinions of Miss Ardent, than this assertion.
Sivu 185 - By destroying the domestic affections, what an addition will be made to human happiness ! And when man is no longer corrupted by the tender and endearing ties of brother, sister, wife, and child, how greatly will his dispositions be meliorated.
Sivu 15 - We should be careful not to divulge these nine things; age, wealth, domestic affairs, passion, medicine, devotion, gift, and injury. They say, likewise; When the frowns of fortune are excessive, and human endeavours are exerted in vain; where, but in the wilderness, can comfort be found for a poor man of sensibility. A man of nice feelings willingly encountereth death, rather than submit to poverty: a fire meeteth extinction, before it will yield to be cold.
Sivu 152 - I had come there on behalf of the Hindoo inhabitants of Bengal, to complain of the horrid cruelties, and unexampled oppreffion, under which, through the mal-adnriniftration of the Britifh governor of India, we were made to groan.
Sivu 285 - This may be the case with the mere mob, who receive every prejudice upon trust," rejoined Mr. Deubeigh ; " but if the simplicity of your character remains unchanged — if the virtues of your heart receive no alloy from the vanity of authorship ; trust me, my dear Charlotte, you will not be the less dear to any friend that is deserving of your love, for having employed your leisure hours in a way that is both innocent and rational.
Sivu 149 - Englishmen, capable of blushing at the nefarious practices of delegated authority ; Englishmen, who have not been completely embowelled of our natural entrails ; our hearts, and galls, and...
Sivu 172 - ... compelled to pay for any other. But in reality it includes the whole question at issue. It claims for every man the right to choose for himself his mode of worship, and form of church government, and to make himself sole judge of the nature and extent of the obedience he shall render : in other words, that every man shall do that which is right in his own eyes...
Sivu 285 - you know how female writers are looked down upon. The women fear, and hate; the men ridicule, and dislike them.
Sivu 178 - Never did the most bigotted derveish* of the Mussulmans, betray more abhorrence at the sight of the Idols of the Pagoda, than is evinced by the worshipper of system towards a Christian priest...

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