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benad holla boin 24 March 1834 ?
Boston came into my family at Cambridge
Juny 15h 1837 : Hon had booping Caugh

early the Icon.vaceinalden Wednesday 12 May 1841 The Rev. dr. roffice of Christs Church Cambridge came to my house in Cambridge a Christined my hothe Lemand the shraun byt

Jeanas Charles Faster, Mary Gear River and Witham Lemand hater present a emand harte Charles C horten & his life Catteren Fruta a his daughter Cateren is heute, sonson- also present Map liema Bent finition. Mep chain Denons Sarah 2 Take 2 Dusan C Forte 2

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toffin at Christ Chinit Cannondse
Sep q r 1857 Amy Batchelde bern.
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