A Practical Guide to Police Magistrates and Justices of the Peace: With an Alphabetical Synopsis of the Criminal Law and an Analytical Index

Whiteford & Theoret, 1895 - 707 sivua

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Sivu 411 - And I do hereby command you, the said keeper of the said common gaol, to receive the said AB into your custody in the said common gaol...
Sivu 409 - AB; and if within the space of days after the making of such distress the said last mentioned sums, together with the reasonable charges of taking and keeping the said distress, shall not be paid, that then you do sell the said goods and chattels so by you distrained, and do pay the...
Sivu 535 - A conspiracy consists not merely in the intention of two or more, but in the agreement of two or more to do an unlawful act, or to do a lawful act by unlawful means.
Sivu 82 - The territorial waters of Her Majesty's dominions, in reference to the sea, means such part of the sea adjacent to the coast of the United Kingdom, or the coast of some other part of Her Majesty's dominions...
Sivu 553 - Comparison of a disputed writing with any writing proved to the satisfaction of the Judge to be genuine, shall be permitted to be made by witnesses ; and such writings, and the evidence of witnesses respecting the same, may be submitted to the Court and Jury as evidence of the genuineness or otherwise of the writing in dispute.
Sivu 410 - Correction, ] amounting to the further sum of , shall be sooner paid unto you the said keeper, and for your so doing this shall be your sufficient warrant.
Sivu 416 - Given under my hand and seal, this day of , in the year , al , in the county aforesaid.
Sivu 383 - Place wherein the offence shall have been committed, there to be kept by the proper Officer among the Records of the Court...
Sivu 449 - ... probation of good conduct, the Court may, instead of sentencing him at once to any punishment, direct that he be released on his entering into a...
Sivu 530 - ... to unduly prevent, limit or lessen the manufacture or production of any such article or commodity, or to unreasonably enhance the price thereof ; or (d.) to unduly prevent or lessen competition in the production, manufacture, purchase, barter, sale, transportation or supply of any such article or commodity, or in the price of insurance upon person or property.

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