Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Nide 48

Metcalf and Company, 1913
Vol. 12 (from May 1876 to May 1877) includes: Researches in telephony / by A. Graham Bell.

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Sivu 109 - Discount to booksellers 25% ; to members 50%, or for whole sets 60%. The individual articles may be obtained separately. A price list of recent • articles is printed on the inside pages of the cover of the Proceedings. Complete Works of Count Rumford. 4 vols., $5.00 each. Memoir of Sir Benjamin Thompson, Count Rumford, with Notices of his Daughter.
Sivu 773 - Statuary and casts of sculpture for use as models or for art educational purposes only; regalia and gems, where specially imported in good faith for the use and by order of any society incorporated or established solely for religious, philosophical, educational, scientific, or literary purposes, or for the encouragement of the fine arts, or for the use and by order of any college, academy, school, seminary of learning, orphan asylum, or public hospital in the United States, or any State or public...
Sivu 42 - THE wisest man could ask no more of Fate Than to be simple, modest, manly, true, Safe from the Many, honored by the Few ; To count as naught in World, or Church, or State, But inwardly in secret to be great...
Sivu 807 - Librarian, all of whom shall be elected by ballot at the Annual Meeting, and shall hold their respective offices for one year, and until others are duly chosen and installed.
Sivu 773 - Works of art, collections in illustration of the progress of the arts, sciences, or manufactures, photographs, works in terra cotta, parían, pottery, or porcelain, antiquities and artistic copies thereof in metal or other material...
Sivu 773 - State or by any society or institution established for the encouragement of the arts, science, or education, or for a municipal corporation, and all like articles imported in good faith by any society or association, or for a municipal corporation for the purpose of erecting a public monument, and not intended for sale, nor for any other purpose than herein expressed...
Sivu 29 - CEA — (I.) Experiments on the Effect of Freezing and other low Temperatures upon the Viability of the Bacillus of Typhoid Fever, with Considerations regarding Ice as a Vehicle of Infectious Disease. (II.) Statistical Studies on the Seasonal Prevalence of Typhoid Fever in various Countries and its Relation to Seasonal Temperature, pp.
Sivu 33 - If we can say that we now know the physical and biological conditions of the great ocean basins in their broad general outlines — and I believe we can do so — the present state of our knowledge is due to the combined work and observations of a great many men belonging to many nationalities, but most probably more to the work and inspiration of Alexander Agassiz than to any other single man.
Sivu 773 - Treasury may prescribe, for the payment of lawful duties which may accrue should any of the articles aforesaid be sold, transferred, or used contrary to this provision, and such articles shall be subject, at any time, to examination and inspection by the proper officers of the customs : Provided, That the privileges of this and the preceding section shall not be allowed to associations or corporations engaged in or connected with business of a private or commercial character.
Sivu 696 - ... cum semel institerunt vestigia certa viai, sic alid ex alio per te tute ipse videre talibus in rebus poteris caecasque latebras insinuare omnis et verum protrahere inde. quod si pigraris paulumve recesseris ab re, 410 hoc tibi de plano possum promittere, Memmi : usque adeo largos haustus e fontibu...

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