The Anglo-Saxon Church: Its History, Revenues, and General Character

John W. Parker, 1838 - 312 sivua

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Sivu 316 - Crusaders; Scenes, Events, and Characters from the Times of the Crusades. By T. KEIGHTLEY. 7s. The Lord and the Vassal; a Familiar Exposition of the Feudal System. 2s. French Revolution ; its Causes and Consequences. By FM ROWAN.
Sivu 233 - The body and blood of Christ which are verily and indeed taken and received by the faithful in the Lord's Supper.
Sivu 315 - HISTORY of the CHURCH of ENGLAND, to the REVOLUTION in 1688; embracing Copious Histories of the Thirty-Nine Articles, the Translation of the Bible, and the Compilation of the Book of Common Prayer.
Sivu 319 - SCOTLAND; SKETCHES of its COASTS and ISLANDS, and of the ISLE of MAN; descriptive of the Scenery, and illustrative of the progressive Revolution in the Economical, Moral, and Social Condition of the Inhabitants of those Regions. By LORD TEIGNMOUTH, MP 2 Vols., with Maps.
Sivu 318 - GERMANY ; the SPIRIT of her HISTORY, LITERATURE, SOCIAL CONDITION, and NATIONAL ECONOMY; illustrated by reference to her Physical, Moral, and Political Statistics, and by Comparison with other Countries. BY BISSET HAWKINS, MD, Oxon. FRS, &c.
Sivu 321 - Treatise on Statics: containing the Theory of the Equilibrium of Forces, and numerous Examples Illustrative of the General Principles of the Science.
Sivu 323 - READINGS in ENGLISH PROSE LITERATURE; containing choice Specimens of the "Works of the best English Writers, from LORD BACON to the Present Time. With Biographical Sketches of the Writers, and ESSAYS on the PROGRESS of ENGLISH LITERATURE.
Sivu 321 - AN ELEMENTARY TREATISE on the DIFFERENTIAL and INTEGRAL CALCULUS. By the Rev. TG HALL, MA, Professor of Mathematics, King's College, London.
Sivu 321 - THE STUDENT'S MANUAL OF NATURAL PHILOSOPHY; comprising Descriptions, Popular and Practical, of the most important Philosophical Instruments, their History, Nature and Uses; with complete elucidations of the Sciences to which they respectively appertain. Dedicated, by permission, to the Lord Bishop of Salisbury. By CHARLES TOMLINSON.
Sivu 322 - In this work certain prominent subjects have been selected with which it behoves every one to be acquainted: such, for example, as relate to what may be called our HOUSEHOLD INSTRUMENTS, namely, the Thermometer, the Barometer, and Vernier; the Hydrometer, the Hygrometer; the Tuning-Fork, Musical Glasses and Music generally; the Compass; the Prism, the Telescope, and the Sun-Dial.

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