The Hindu Wife; Or, The Enchanted Fruit

J. Ghose, 1876 - 126 sivua

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Sivu 109 - THERE is but one living and true God, everlasting, without body, parts, or passions ; of infinite power, ^wisdom, and goodness ; the Maker, and Preserver of -all things both visible and invisible. And in unity of this Godhead there be three Persons, of one substance, power, and eternity ; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.
Sivu 54 - What mortal pours the strain ?" Say (for thou seest earth, air, and main) Say : " From the bosom of yon silver isle, Where skies more softly smile, He came ; and, lisping our celestial tongue, Though not from Brahma sprung, Draws orient knowledge from its fountains pure, Through caves obstructed long, and paths too long obscure.
Sivu 107 - Perfect truth ; perfect happiness ; without equal ; immortal; absolute unity; whom neither speech can describe, nor mind comprehend ; all-pervading ; all-transcending ; delighted with his own boundless intelligence, not limited by space, or time ; without feet, moving swiftly ; without hands, grasping all worlds ; without eyes, all-surveying ; without ears, all-hearing ; without an intelligent guide, understanding all ; without cause, the first of all causes ; all-ruling ; all-powerful ; the creator,...
Sivu 52 - Mddhava bestrides, When high on eagle-plumes he rides: But oh! what pencil of a living star Could paint that gorgeous car, In which, as in an ark supremely bright, The lord of boundless light Ascending calm o'er th
Sivu 106 - What the sun and light are to this visible world, that are the supreme good and truth to the intellectual and invisible universe ; and, as the corporeal eyes have a distinct perception of objects enlightened by the sun, thus our souls acquire certain knowledge by meditating on the light of truth which emanates from the Being of beings — that is the light by which alone our minds can be directed in the path to blessedness.
Sivu 44 - The solemn leech, slow-moving o'er the strand, A vase of long-sought Amrit in his hand. To soften human ills dread SIVA drank The pois'nous flood, that stain'd his azure neck; The rest thy mansions deck, High Swerga, stor'd in many a blazing rank.
Sivu 46 - Varuna, whom foamy waves obey, Bright Vahni flaming like the lamp of day, Cuvera sought by all, enjoyed by few, Marut, who bids the winged breezes play, Stern Yama, ruthless judge, and Isa cold a "With Nairrit mildly bold : They with the ruddy flash, that points his thunder, . Rend his vain bands asunder.
Sivu 68 - Exulting in their measureless abode, Diffusive, multitudinous, profound, Above, beneath, around; Then o'er the vast expanse primordial wind Breath'd gently, till a lucid bubble rose. Which grew in perfect shape an Egg refin'd : Created substance no such lustre shows, Earth no such beauty knows. Above the warring waves it danc'd elate, Till from its bursting shell with lovely state A form cerulean flutter'd o'er the deep, Brightest of beings, greatest of the great : Who, not as mortals steep Their...
Sivu 17 - BESSENT or Spring: he is represented as a beautiful youth, sometimes conversing with his mother and consort in the midst of his gardens and temples; sometimes riding by moonlight on a parrot or lory, and attended by dancing-girls or nymphs, the foremost of whom bears his colours, which are a fish on a red ground.
Sivu 22 - Brahmans of course prefer that poetry which they believe to have been actually inspired; while the Vaidyas (who are in general perfect grammarians and good poets, but are not suffered to read any of the sacred writings except the...

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