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15. Hewers, an Men for every, and the

15 Moreover, there are Workmen with thee in abundance, Hewers, and Workers of Stone and Timber, and all manner of cunning Men for every manner of Work.

16 Of the GOLD, the SILVER, and the Brass, and the Iron, there is no NUMBER: Arise therefore, and be doing, and the Lord be with thee.

17 David also commanded all the Princes of Israel to belp Solomon his Son, saying,

18 * Is not the LORD your God with you? and hath he not given you Rest on every fide ? for he hath given the Inbabitants of the Land into mine Hand, and the Land is SUBDUED before the Lord, and before his People.

19 Now set your HEART and your SOUL to seek the LORD your God; arise therefore, and build ye the Sanctuary of the LORD God, to bring the Ark of the COVENANT of the LORD, and the holy Vessels of God, into the Houle that is to be built in the Name of the LORD.


i David in his old Age maketh Solomon King. 2 The Number

and Distribution of the Levites. 7 The Families of the Gera foonites. 12 The Sons of Kohath. 21 The Sons of Merari.

The Case Mermi i 24 The Office of the Levites.

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Ver. i Co when David was old and full of Days, he made

Solomon his Son King over Israel, 2 And he gathered together all the Princes of Israel, with' the Priests and the Levites. "

3 Now the Levites were numbred from the Age of thirty Years, and upward : and their Number by their Polls, Man by Man, was THIRTY and EIGHT THOUSAND.

4 Of which, TWENTY and FOUR THOUSAND were to set forward the Work of the House of the LORD: and $IX THOUSAND were OFFICERS and JUDGES.

5 Moreover, FOUR THOUSAND were Porters, and FOUR THOUSAND PRAISED the Lord with the Instruments which I made (faid David) to PRAISE therewith.

6 And DAVID DIVIDED them into COURSES among the Sons of Levi, namely, Gershon, Kohath, and Merari.

13 The Sons of Amram; Aaron and Moses : and Aaron * David here acknowledge, that all the Promises wade re che Patriarchs, concerns hagsbe Land of Canaan, were exailly accomplished,


was separated, that he should fanctify the most holy Things, he and his sons for ever, to burn Incense before the LORD, to minister unto hiin, and to bless in his Name for ever.

14 Now concerning Moses the Man of God, his Sons were named of the Tribe of Levi.

15 The Sons of Mofes were Gershom and Eliezer.

25 David said, The LORD God of Israel hath given Rest unto his People, that they may dwell in Jerusalem for ever;

26 And also unto the Levites : they shall no more carry the Tabernacle, nor any Vessels of it for the Service thereof.

28 Because their Office was to wait on the Sons of Alron, for the Service of the House of the Lord, in the Courts; and in the Chambers, and in the purifying of all holy Things, and the Work of the Service of the House of GOD;

30 And to stand every MORNING TO THANK and PRAISE the LORD, and likewise at Even:

31 And to offer ail Burnt-facrifices unto the Lord in the Sabbaths, in the New-moons, and on the set Feasts, by Number, according to the Order commanded unto them continually before the LORD:

32 And that they should keep the Charge of the Tabernacle of the Congregation, and the Charge of the HOLY Place, and the Charge of the Sons of Aaron their Brethren, in the Service of the House of the Lord.'

the LORD, an offer all Burnt-ja, and on the ded unto


i The Divisions of the Sons of Aaron by Lot into four and twenty

Orders. 20 The Kokuthites, 27 and the Merarites divided by Lot.

CHA P. XXV: 1 The Number and Offices of the Singers. & Their Division

by Lot into four and twenty Orders.

Ver. I M OREOVER, David and the Captains of the

V Hoit separated to the Service of the Sons of Asaph, and of HEMAN, and of JEDUTHUN, who should PROPHESY with HARPS, with PSALTERIÉS, and with


CYMBALS : and the Number of the Workmen, according to their Service, was:

2 Of the Sons of Asaph, and under the Hands of Asaph, which PROPHESIED according to the Order of the King.

3 Of the Sons of Jeduthun, under the Hands of their Father, who PROPHESIED with a Harp, to give THANKS, and to PRAISE the LORD.

5 The Sons of Heman, the King's Seer in the WORDS of God, to lift up the Horn. And God gave to Heman fourteen Sons and three Daughters.

6 All these were under the Hands of their Father, for Songs in the House of the Lord with Cymbals, Pfalteries, and Harps for the Service of the House of God, according to the King's Order, to ASAPH, JEDUTHUN, and HeMAN.

7 So the Number of them, with their Brethren that were instructed in the Songs of the Lord, even all that were cunning, was TWO HUNDRED FOURSCORE and EIGHT.

8 And they cast Lots, Ward against Ward, as well the small as the great, the Teacher as the Scholar.

CH A P. XXVI. 1 The Division of the Porters. 13 The Gates assigned by Lot.

20 The Levites that had Charge of the Treasures. 29 Ofis cers and Judges.

C H A P. XXVII. i The twelve Captains for every several Month. 16 The Princes'

of the twelve Tribes. 23 The numbering of the People is hindred. 25. David's several Officers.

Veri i Tow the Children of Israel after their Number,

I to wit, the chief Fathers and Captains of thousands and hundreds, and their Officers that served the King in any Matter of the Courses, which came in and went out Month by Month, throughout all the Months of the Year, of every Course were twenty and four thousand.

23 But David took not the Number of them from twenty Years old and under : because the LORD had said, he would increase Israel like to the Stars of the Heavens. 24 Joab the Son of Zeruiali began to number, but he

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finished not, because there fell Wrath for it against Israel, neither was the Number put in the Account of the Chronicles of King David.

CH A P. XXVII. i David in a folemn Assembly, having declared God's Favour

to him, and Promise to his Son Solomon, exhorteth them to fear God: 9, 20 He encourageth Solomon to build the Temple: i He giveth him Patterns for the Form; and Gold and Silver for the Materials.

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Ver. 1 AND David assembled all the Princes of Israel, and

n the Captains of the Companies that ministred to the King by Course.

2 Then David the King stood up upon his Feet, and said, HEAR me, my Brethren, and my People, As for me, I had in mine Heart to build an House of Rest for the Ark of the Covenant of the LORD, and for the FootSTOOL of our God, and had made ready for the Building:

3 But God said unto me, Thou shalt not build an House for my NAME, because thou hast been a Mau of WAR, and hast shed BLOOD. 4 i Howbeit, the LORD

'Gen xlix. 10 The Scepter Ball God of Israel chose me be

be not depart from Judah, nor a lar.

giver from between his feet, un. fore all the House of my lil Shiloh come, and unto him Father to be King over If- shall the Gathering of the People rael : for he hath chosen Ju- DC. DAH to be RULER; and of the House of Judah, the House of my Father; and among the Sons of my Father, he liked me to make me King over all Israel :

5 And of all my Sons (for the LORD hath given me ma· ny Sons) he hath chosen Solomon my Son to fit upon the Throne of the Kingdom of the Lord over Israel.

6 And he said unto me, Solomon, thy Son, he shall BUILD my House and my Courts : for I have chosen him to be my Son, and I will be his Father.

7 Moreover, I will ESTABLISH his Kingdom for EVER, if he be CONSTANT to DO MY COMMANDMENTS and my Judgments, as at this Day.

8 Now therefore in the fight of all Ifrael the Congregation of the LORD, and in the AUDIENCE of our God, KEEP and seek for all the COMMANDMENTS of the LORD

your it.

your God : that ye may possess this good Land, and leave it for an Inheritance, for your Children after you for ever.

And thou, SOLOMON my w John xvii. 3 This is LIFE ETERSon, [I] KNOW thou the GOD NAL, that they might know thee, the of thy Father, and serve only TRUE God, and Jesus CHRIST him with a [II] PERFECT

whom thou haft sent.

Mat. xi. 27 All Things are deliverHEART, and with a(III) WIL- ed unto me of my Father, and no LING MIND: for the LORD Man KNOWEth the Son, but the Father:

neither KNOWETH any Man the Fa- IV] SEARCHETH ALL

ther, fave the Son, and he to whom. HEARTS, and understandeth foever the Son will reveal him. . all the IMAGINATIONS. 28 Come unto me all ye that la• of the THOUGHTS : if thou

bour and are heavy laden, and I will

give you Reft. [V] SEEK him, he will be 29 Take my Yoke upon you, and FOUND of thee; but if thou

learn of me; for I am meek, and

lowly in Heart, and ye shall find Rest (VI] FORSAKE him, he will

unto your Souls. CAST thee OFF for Ever. 30 For my Yoke is easy, and my 10 Take heed now, for

Burden is light. the Lord hath chosen thee (II) Job viii. 20 Behold, God will to build an House for the

not caft away a PERFECT Man, neither

he will he help the Evil-doers. Sanctuary : be strong and do 2 Sam. xxii. 33 God is my Strength

and Power, and he maketh my Way u


PERFECT. Then David gave to Pfal. xviii. j2 It is God that girdSolomon his Son the Pat- eth me with Strength, and maketh Tern of the Porch, and of my Way PERFECT

Psal. xxxvii. 37 Mark the PERFECT the Houses thereof, and of Man, and behold the Upright : for the Treasuries thereof, and the End of that Man is Peace. of the upper Chambers there. Psal. cxix. 1 Blessed are the Unde

filed in the Way who walk in the Law of, and of the inner Parlours of the Lord. thereof, and of the Place of Prov. iv. 18 But the Path of the the Mercy-seat.

Just is as the shining Light, that

shineth more and more unto the PER12 And the PATTERN of Fect Day. all that he had by the SPIRIT. Marib. v. 48 Be ye therefore Per14. He gave of Gold by

FECT, even as your Father which is

in Heaven is PERFECT. weight, for Things of Gold, 2 Cor. xiii. 11 Be PERFECT, be of for all Instruments of all man- good Comfort, be of one Mind, live

in Peace: and the God of Love and ner of Service, Silver also for

Peace shall be with you all Instruments of Silver, by Col. i. 28 Whom we preach, warnweight. for all Instruments ing every Man, and teaching every

Man in all Wisdom : that we may of every kind of Service.

, present every Man PERFECT in CHRIST 15 Even the weight for the Jesus. Candlesticks of Gold. and 2 Tim. iii. 17 That the Man of God

may be PERFECT, throughly furnilhed for their-Lamps or Gold, by unto all good Works. weight for every Candlestick, James i. 17 Every Good Gift, and

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