Abroad with the Jimmies

L. C. Page, 1902 - 303 sivua

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Sivu 307 - Nelson, and the Naval Supremacy of England. By W. CLARK RUSSELL, author of "The Wreck of the Grosvenor,
Sivu 311 - Buffalo News. Captain Ravenshaw OR, THE MAID OF CHEAPSIDE. (52d thousand.) A romance of Elizabethan London. Illustrations by Howard Pyle and other artists. Not since the absorbing adventures of D'Artagnan have we had anything so good in the blended vein of romance and comedy. The Continental Dragoon A ROMANCE OF PHILIPSE MANOR HOUSE IN 1778.
Sivu 312 - Illustrated by H. De M. Young. An historical romance of the sixteenth century, describing the adventures of a young French nobleman at the court of Henry III., and on the field with Henry IV. THE ROAD TO PARIS A STORY OF ADVENTURE.
Sivu 80 - Thirty days hath September, April, June, and November ; All the rest have thirty-one, Except the second month alone, Which has but twenty-eight, in fine, Till leap year gives it twenty-nine.
Sivu 312 - Philadelphia Press. The Continental Dragoon : A ROMANCE OF PHILIPSE MANOR HOUSE IN 1778. (42d thousand.) Illustrated by HC Edwards. Library 12 mo, cloth . . . . . . $1.50 A stirring romance of the Revolution, the scene being laid in and around the old Philipse Manor House, near Yonkers, which at the time of the story was the central point of the socalled " neutral territory " between the two armies. The Road tO Paris : A STORY OF ADVENTURE.
Sivu 311 - WINWOOD (70th thousand.) A Sketch of the Domestic History of an American Captain in the War of Independence, embracing events that occurred between and during the years 1763 and 1785 in New York and London. Illustrated by EWD Hamilton. AN ENEMY TO THE KING (70th thousand.) From the " Recently Discovered Memoirs of the Sieur de la Tournoire.
Sivu 314 - Each tale is independent of the others, but the scenes are similar, and in several of them the evil " Black Abbe"," well known from the author's previous novels, again appears with his savages at his heels — but to be thwarted always by woman's wit or soldier's courage.
Sivu 318 - He is engaged on a most ambitious work — nothing less than the writing of nine novels which cover the whole field of human sentiment. This work he has divided into three trilogies, and five of the nine books have been published. It is to be regretted that other labors have interrupted the completion of the series.
Sivu 313 - New York Commercial Advertiser. A Sister to Evangeline. Being the story of Yvonne de Lamourie, and how she went into Exile with the Villagers of Grand Pre". Library i zmo, cloth gilt top, illustrated . . . $1.50 This is a romance of the great expulsion of the Acadians which Longfellow first immortalized in
Sivu 312 - An historical romance of the eighteenth century, being an account of the life of an American gentleman adventurer of Jacobite ancestry.

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