Buddhism: Its Historical, Theoretical and Popular Aspects. In Three Lectures

Trübner & Company, 1873 - 122 sivua

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Sivu 113 - thou shall not take life ' with the religion of Him who would not break the bruised reed nor quench the smoking flax...
Sivu 43 - Flower in the crannied wall, I pluck you out of the crannies; Hold you here, root and all in my hand, Little flower—but if I could understand What you are, root and all, and all in all, I should know what God, and man is.
Sivu 63 - Examined," in which a man is directed to keep a debtor and creditor account with himself of the acts of each day ; and at the end of the year he winds it up. If the balance is in his favour, it is carried on to the account of next year ; but if against him, something extra must be done to make up the deficiency.
Sivu 92 - ... said to his disciple Ananda: " Anauda, when I am gone, you must not think there is no Buddha; the discourses I have delivered, and the precepts I have enjoined, must be my successors, or representatives, and be to you as Buddha."3 89.
Sivu 28 - these wretched specimens of humanity live together in idleness. No community of interest, no ties of social life, no object of generous ambition, beyond the satisfying of those wants which bind them to the cloister, help to diversify the monotonous current of their daily life. Separated by a broad...
Sivu 15 - Buddha, it can be proved, that almost every single tint of this Christian colouring, which Buddhist tradition gives to the life of Buddha, is of comparatively modern origin. There is not a single Buddhist manuscript in existence which could vie, in antiquity and undoubted authenticity, with the oldest codices of the gospels.
Sivu 1 - Dr. Eikl says that Buddhism is a system of vast magnitude, for it embraces all the various branches of science, which our Western nations have been long accustomed to divide for separate study. It embodies, in one living structure, grand and peculiar views of physical science, refined and subtle theories on abstract metaphysics, an edifice of fanciful mysticism, a most elaborate and far-reaching system of practical morality, and, finally, a church...
Sivu 69 - Brahmanism and the wild orgies of nature worship. But this repose is that of a weary wanderer, who is withheld from the prosecution of God's work on this earth by his utter despair of the triumph of justice and truth in actual life.
Sivu 47 - Darwinian" idea of a pre-existing spontaneous tendency to variation as the real prime agent of the origin of species, but — like Darwin and his school — it stopped short of pointing out Him, who originated the first commencement of that so-called spontaneous tendency...
Sivu 86 - ... flight of steps leading up to it, figures of crouching lions carved in stone and resting on pedestals, placed on either side. You will be told that these are emblems of Shakyamuni whose cognomen Shakyasimha (lit. Shakya, the lion) indicates that he is by his moral excellence the king of men, as the lion by his strength is the king of the beasts. Perhaps your guide will even quote a passage from his sacred scriptures, ' as a lion's howl makes all animals tremble, subdues elephants, arrests birds...

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