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The annexed plate furnishes an example of the facility with which the principles laid down in the preceding pages may be reduced to practice. The subject is taken from the following song, by a French poet, the Chevalier Parny:

Aimer est un plaisir charmant,

C'est un bonheur qui nous enivre,
Et qui produit l'enchantement.

Avoir aimé, c'est ne plus vivre;
Hélas ! c'est avoir acheté
Cette accablante vérité,

Que les sermens sont un mensonge,
Que l'amour trompe tôt ou tard,
Que l'innocence n'est qu'un art,

Et que le bonheur n'est qu'un songe.
It may be thus rendered:

To love is a pleasure, a happiness, which intoxicates: to love no longer, is to live no longer; it is to have bought this sad truth, that innocence is falsehood, that love is an art, and that happiness is a dream."


Tolive is a pleasure, a happinefo that, jintowicata

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love an art and happiness a dreamers






ABSENCE, Wormwood. Absence, according to

La Fontaine, is the worst of evils: Wormwood is the bitterest of plants. Its name, derived

from the Greek, signifies without sweetness. ACCOMMODATING DISPOSITION, Valerian. Page

124. ACTIVITY, Thyme. Page 91. Affection, GENEROUS AND DevoTED, Honey

suckle. Page 99. AFTER-THOUGHT, China Aster. Page 181. The

Aster begins to blow when other flowers are

scarce. It is like an after-thought of Flora's,

who smiles at leaving us. AGITATION, Shaking Sainfoin. It has been re

marked that the terminating leaflet of this plant is motionless, while the two others, which are much smaller, shake incessantly during the day. This motion is one of the most singular phenomena of botany. It was

first observed in Bengal by Lady Monson. AMBITION, Hollyhock. Page 194. AMIABLENESS, Jasmine. Page 126. ARDOUR, Broom. It is said that the spadix of

the plants of this family, of which there are more than fifty species, acquires so strong a heat as to be painful to the hand when touched. This surprising fact is attested by several naturalists, and among others by Bory de

Saint Vincent, and Hubert. ARTIFICE, Clematis. Beggars, in order to ex

cite pity, make false ulcers on their flesh by means of the Clematis. This infamous arti

fice often produces in the end a real sore. Arts, The, Acanthus. Page 94. ATTACHMENT, Devoted, Peruvian Heliotrope.

Page 186.

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