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differs in every respect from the scarlet Gera

nium, the emblem of stupidity. Message, Iris. There are more than thirty

species of Iris, both bulbous and with other roots. From their brilliant and diversified colours, resembling those of the rainbow, these beautiful flowers have been named after the

messenger of the gods. It is well known that the fair Iris was the bearer of good news

only. MISANTHROPY, Fullers' Teasel. The flowers of

the Fullers' Teasel are armed with long, sharp thorns: the whole plant has a surly look. It is, nevertheless, handsome and useful : it is used by clothiers and fullers to raise the nap on their cloths, and has thence

derived its name. Mistrust, Lavender. It was formerly believed

that the asp, a dangerous species of viper, made Lavender its habitual place of abode, for which reason that plant was approached with extreme caution. The ancients used it largely in their baths, whence its name, de

rived from the Latin verb, lavare, to wash. Modesty, Violet. Page 40.

Morals, Wild Rue. The Moly, which Mercury

is said to have given to Ulysses, as an antidote to Circe's beverage, is supposed to have

been the root of the wild Rue. MOURNING, Weeping Willow. Page 36.

-, Cypress. Page 210. Music, Reeds. Pan, who was in love with the

beautiful Syrinx, was pursuing her one day on the bank of the river Ladon in Arcadia. The Nymph implored the help of the river, which received her into its waters, and transformed her into a cluster of Reeds. Pan cut several of the stalks of these Reeds of different lengths, and with them is said to have

constructed the shepherd's pipe. My Bane, My ANTIDOTB, White Poppy. Page

161. MY BEST DAYS ARE PAST, Meadow Saffron.


phodel. In ancient times, the Asphodel was planted near tombs, and it was thought that beyond the Acheron the shades of the deceased wandered in a vast field of Asphodels, and drank of the oblivious waters of Lethe.

Night, Night Convolvulus. There are several

species of beautiful bindweed that open only at night. They are natives of hot countries.

ORACLE, Rustic, Dandelion. Page 158. ORNAMENT,Hornbeam. This tree formerly con

stituted a principal ornament of large gardens. It was employed to form long screens of verdure, arches, obelisks, pyramids, and colonnades. Le Nôtre has shown at Versailles with what skill and taste he could introduce it into his noble compositions.

Patience, Patience Dock. The root of this

plant is frequently used in medicine: it is

extremely bitter. Peace, Olive. Peace, Wisdom, Concord, Cle

mency, Joy, and the Graces, are crowned with Olive. The dove sent out by Noah brought back to the ark an Olive branch, as an emblem of that peace which Heaven had granted to the earth.

Hazel. Page 249. Perpection, Strawberry. Page 119.

Poetry, Eglantine. The Eglantine is the poet's

flower. In the Floral Games it was the prize for the best composition on the charms of

study and eloquence. Power, Crown Imperial. The Crown Imperial,

which belongs to the family of the lilies, grows to the height of two or three feet. The flowers are formed by a circle of tulip-shaped corollas, turned downwards, which have the appearance of so many gay bells, the stigma answering for the clapper; the whole being crowned by a coma, or tuft of green leaves, which gives to it a singular and agreeable effect. Each of the bells contains some drops of water, which adhere to the bottom of the corolla till it withers: the foot-stalks of the flowers then raise themselves to ripen the

seed. PREDICTION, Prophetic Marigold. This species

of Marigold opens regularly at seven o'clock, and remains open till four, if the weather is dry: if it does not open, or if it closes before its accustomed hour, you may be sure that

there will be rain during the day. PREFERENCE, Apple Blossom. A handsome flower, which promises fine and useful fruit,

may be preferred to the rose itself. PREPERENCE, Rose-scented Geranium. There

are more than a hundred species of the Geranium: some are sad, others brilliant, some scented, and others without smell. This, which is rose-scented, is distinguished by the softness of its leaves and the beauty of its flowers, as well as by its fragrant

smell. PRESUMPTION, Snapdragon. On pressing the

sides of this lower, it opens like a gaping mouth, the stigma representing the tongue. On removing the pressure, the lips of the corolla snap together, and hence its name. The monopetalous corolla forms a mask, which resembles the face of an animal. The French call it Calf's Snout, from a supposed resemblance in the form of its seed-vessel or fruit. This beautiful plant has been judiciously introduced into our gardens, but, like presumptuous people, it is sometimes troublesome by spreading too far, and is conse

quently eradicated. PRIDE, Amaryllis. Gardeners account the Ama

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