Documents relatifs à la répression de la traite des esclaves

Hayez, 1906
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Sivu 44 - Tel est le plan général du projet de décret de réorganisation que, d'accord avec M. le garde des sceaux, ministre de la justice, j'ai l'honneur de soumettre à votre haute sanction. Je vous prie d'agréer, Monsieur le Président, l'hommage de mon profond respect. Le Ministre des colonies, CHAUTEMPS.
Sivu 84 - Hydrometer, for every Gallon of the Strength of Proof by such Hydrometer, and so in proportion for any greater or less Strength than the Strength of Proof, and for any greater or less Quantity than a Gallon...
Sivu 178 - ... either description for a term which may extend to seven years, and shall also be liable to fine.
Sivu 72 - For the third and any subsequent offence he shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding one hundred pounds, or to imprisonment with or without hard labour for any term not exceeding six months, — and...
Sivu 178 - ... may be indicted and convicted, either as an accessory before the fact to the principal felony, together with the principal felon, or after the conviction of the principal felon ; or may be indicted and convicted of a substantive felony, whether the principal felon shall or shall not have been previously convicted, or shall or shall not be amenable to justice...
Sivu 28 - Bulletin des lois et au Bulletin officiel du ministère des colonies. Fait à Paris, le 8 mai 1899.
Sivu 44 - Le Président de la République française, Sur le rapport du ministre des colonies et du garde des sceaux...
Sivu 78 - Spirits or strong waters, not being sweetened or mixed with any article so that the degree of strength thereof cannot be ascertained by Sykes...
Sivu 130 - ... he shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding for the first offence ten pounds, and not exceeding for the second and any subsequent offence twenty pounds.

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