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This Short History of English Literature was originally intended to have been written in collaboration with Professor R. S. Wallace, M.A., Professor of English Language and Literature in the University of Melbourne. The War, however, called Professor Wallace away from Australia on active service, after he had written the first chapter and a fragment of the second. It fell to his partner to complete the book. In doing so he was compelled, for reasons of space, to avoid biographical details, except in so far as these had a direct bearing on an author's writings. His conviction that, where occasion offers, a history of English literature should discuss the thought and faith of a great writer no less than his art, will explain his treatment of such writers as Blake, Shelley, and Wordsworth. Some apology or explanation should perhaps be offered for the writing of a new History of English Literature when there are already good older histories in the field. A partial justification may be found in the attempt here made to bring the treatment of the subject abreast of recent research and criticism.

A. T. S.

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