An Introduction to English Economic History and Theory, Nide 1

Longmans, Green, & Company, 1893

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Sivu 432 - Capital is that part of the wealth of a country which is employed in production, and consists of food, clothing, tools, raw materials, machinery, etc., necessary to give effect to labour.
Sivu 352 - All their household stuff, which is very little worth, though it might well abide the sale, yet being suddenly thrust out, they be constrained to sell it for a thing of naught. And when they have wandered abroad till that be spent, what can they then else do but steal, and then justly pardy be hanged, or else go about a begging.
Sivu 289 - He had walk for an hundred sheep, and my mother milked thirty kine. He was able and did find the king a harness, with himself and his horse, while he came to the place that he should receive the king's wages. I can remember that I buckled his harness when he went to Blackheath field.
Sivu 289 - He married my sisters with five pound or twenty nobles a-piece, so that he brought them up in godliness and fear of God. He kept hospitality for his poor neighbours; and some alms he gave to the poor, and all this he did of the said farm.
Sivu 367 - ... endowed by the discretion of the ordinary, to do divine service, and to inform the people, and to keep hospitality there ; and that no religious, ie regular priest, should in anywise be made vicar in any church appropriated.
Sivu 352 - By one means, therefore, or by other, either by hook or crook, they must needs depart away, poor silly wretched souls, men, women, husbands, wives, fatherless children, widows, woeful mothers with their young babes, and their whole household small in substance and much in number as husbandry requireth many hands.
Sivu 268 - It is not taken where a man doth enclose and hedge in his own proper ground, where no man hath commons.
Sivu 353 - And yet then also they be cast in prison as vagabonds, because they go about and work not : whom no man will set to work, though they never so willingly proffer themselves thereto.
Sivu 308 - And respecting tithe ; the king and his " witan " have chosen and decreed, as is just, that one third part of the tithe which belongs to the church go to the reparation of the church, and a second part to the servants of God ; the third to God's poor, and to needy ones in thralldom.
Sivu 161 - None of the same bodies corporate take upon them to make any acts or ordinances to restrain any person or persons to sue to the King's Highness, or to any of his Courts, for due remedy to be had in their causes, nor put nor execute any penalty or punishment upon any of them for any such suit to be made, upon pain of forfeiture of 40/.

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