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(Late SWORDS, STANFORD, & CO,) the oldest Episcopal Bookstore in the

United States. Established in 1787.

S. & S. beg leave to inform their friends and the public, that they continue to keep on hand, as in former years, a general assortment of Religious Works suitable for individuals, for Parish and Family Libraries, and for the Clergy, which they will dispose of on the most reasonable terms.

Bibles and Prayer-Books,

Of every size and description of binding. Also, the Church Lessons in convenient forms.

Among the Books published by them in aid of Christian knowledge and piety, are the following:

The New Manual of Devotions.

Edited by the Rt. Rev. Bishop Ives, of North Carolina. 1 vol. 12mo. Price $1.

The Christian's Manual
Of Faith and Devotion. Edited by the late Rt. Rev. Bishop Hobart. 1 vol. 62 1-2 cents.

Thornton's Family Prayers,
With a Commentary on our Lord's Sermon on the Mount. Edited by the Rt. Rev. Bishop EASTBURN. 1 vol.

12mo. Price 75 cents.

Bickersteth's Treatise On the Lord's Supper. Enlarged and improved hy the author, and edited by the Rev. L. P. W. Balch, Rector of St. Bartholomew's Church, New-York. 1 vol. 12mo. Price 75 cents.

The Companion for the Altar: Or Week's Preparation for the Holy Communion. By the late Right Rev. Bishop HOBART. 1 vol. Price 50


The Communicant's Manual.
By the same. A neat pocket volume. Price 18 3-4 cents. Morocco gilt, 37 1-2 cents.

The Life and Posthumous Works
of the late Rt. Rev. Bishop HOBART. Edited by the Rev. WM. BERRIAN, D. D. 3 vols. 8vo. $4 50.

The Life and Sermons of the late Rt. Rev. Nathaniel Bowen, D. D., of South Carolina, and formerly Rector of Grace Church,

New-York. 2 vols. 8vo. $4.

Melvill's Sermons.
Edited by Bisbop McIlvaing. 3d edition, in one large 8vo, volume. Price $3.

By the late Rt. Rev. BENJAMIN MOORE, D. D., Bishop of New York. 2 vols. 8vo. Price $2 50.


By the Rev. J. W. CUNNINGHAM, Vicar of Harrow, author of “The Velvet Cushion," “World without

Souls,” &c. &c. 1 vol. 8vo. $1.

By the late Rev. C. R. DUFFIE, first Rector of St. Thomas's Church, N. Y. 2 vols. 8vo. $2 50.

Palmer's History of the Church of Christ. Edited by the Rt. Rev. Bishop WHITTINGHAM, with questions annexed, adapting the work for Scbools and Parishes In cloth, 62 1-2 cents; in boards, 50 cents.

The Last Days of Bishop Heber. By the Rev. Archdeacon Robinson. A most interesting work to all who venerate the inemory of this departed prelate. In one volume 12mo. 50 cents.

The only Church Cominentary On the Holy Bible. By Mant & D’Orly. Edited and greatly enlarged by the late Rt. Rev. Bishop Hobart.

In 2 large 4to volumes. Price $12, well bound. Also, the New Testament portion of the same work, in one volume 4to. $4.

A Tribute of Sympathy, Addressed to Mourners. By NewNHAM. 12mo. 50 cents. Also,

Cecil's Friendly Visit To the House of Mourning. 18 3-4 cents.

Bishop Andrewes On the Passion of our Lord and Saviour. 18mo. 37 1-2 cents.

Barrow's Treatise
On the Pope's Supremacy. 8vo. $150.

Believer's Companion.
To which is added Corbet's “Self-employment in Secret.” 18 3-4 cents.

Village Sermons, On the Relative Duties. To which is appended Sermons to Young Men. By the Rev. EDWARD BERENS. 75 cents.

Village Life, Tales and Incidents of Village Life. By Mrs. BOWLES, 25 cents.

The Churchman's Manual.

By the Rev. BENJAMIN Dorr, D. D. 75 cents.

Scripture Reader's Guide. By CAROLINE Frv. 25 cents. Also the other works of Mrs. Fry.

Aids to Reflection. By Samuel Taylor COLERIDGE. With the author's last corrections. Edited by H. N. COLERIDGE, Esq., M. A. To which is prefixed a preliminary Essay, by the Rev. J. McVickAR, D. D. 75 cents.

The Constitution and Oanons of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the U. 8. of America : the whole being chronologically arranged, with notes and remarks historical and explanatory. By FRANCIS L. HawK3, D. D. $1 25.

Berrian's Prayers.
Family and Private Prayers, by the Rev. Wm. BERRIAN, D. D. 63 cents.

Prayers and Offices Of Devotiou for Families and for particular Persons upon most occasions. By BENI'N JENKS. Altered and improved by the late Rev, CHARLES SImeon, Fellow of King's College, Cambridge. 50 cents.

Jerram & Wall's
Conversations on Infant Baptism. 37 1-2 cents.

The Spirit of Prayer.
By Hannah MOORE. 30 cents.
Also, Private Devotions, by the same. 30 cents.

Practice of True Devotion. 37 1-2 cents.

Holy Living and Dying. By the Rt. Rev. JEREMY TAYLOR, D. D. $1.

Hobart's Apology. An Apology for Apostolic Order and its Advocates, by the late Rt. Rev. Bishop Hobart. With Notes and a

valuable Index to subjects. 50 cents.

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