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Lion. The Royal Character in the Alessiah. Rev. v. 5. Prov. xx. 2. Lion. A Persecutor, whether heathenish or diabolic

cal. 1 Tini. iv. 17. 1 Pet. v. 8. Ox, treading out Corn. A Minister

A Minister of the Word. 1 Cor. ix. 9. i Tiin. v. 18. Dog. For his Vigilance, means a l'atchman, to give

Notice of approaching Danger. Isa. Ivi. 10. Dogs. Unclean impudent Persons.' Deut. xxiii. 18.

Rev. xxii. 15. Matth. vii. 6.. Wolf. A Thief, or religious Impostor, a Devourer of

the Church. Luke x. 3. John X. 12. Sheep under a Shepherd. The People under a King.

Zech. xiii. 7. The Congregation, under Christ.

Psal. c. 3. Matth. xv. 24. Serpent. The Devil.

Rev. xii. 9. 2 Cor xi. 3. Vipers. The Children of the Devil. Matth. iii. 7.

12. 34. Birds of the Air. Evil Spirits. Matth. xiii. 4, com

pare with 19. Rev. xviij. 2. Fox. A cunning deceitful Person. Luke xiii. 32. Animals in the Cherubim. The Powers of God, and

Attributes of Christ. Ezech. i. 28. Heb. ix. 5. The Lamb. The Messiah, suffering for the Sins of

the World. Gen. xxii. 8. John i. 29. Rev. v.

12. Swine. Unclean" ungodly People.

2 Pet. ii. 22. Matth. vii. 6. Deut. xiv. 8. Matth. viii. 31.


STONES. People of an hard heart; the unbelieving Gentiles. Ezek. xxxvi. 26. Isai. v. 2. Matth. iji.

. 9. Compare Psal. Ixxx. 8. with Isai. v. 2.

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Man in the Hands Isai. lxiv. 8. 2 Cor. iv. 7.

Clay in the Hands of the Potter. of his Creator. Rom. ix. 21. Earthen Vessel. Man's Body. Dust and Ashes. Mortal sinful Man, under Death and Condemnation, as a Burnt Sacrifice. Gen. 'xviii. 27. Gen. iii. 19. Job xlii. 6. Mal. iv. 3. Salt. Such Doctrine as preserves the World from Corruption. Matth. v. 13. Col. iv. 6. Tit. ii. 7. Gold. Good Men bearing Trouble as Gold bears the Fire. Job xxiii. 10. 1 Pet. i. 7. Ezek. xiii. 9. Wise and pure Doctrine. Prov. xvi. 16. Rev. iii.


Image of Gold, Silver, Brass, and Iron. The four Monarchies or Kingdoms of the World. Dan. ii. 31-45.

Riches and Talents. Gifts and Graces from God. Matth. xxv. 15. Luke xvi. 11.

Rock. A Defence, a Place of Refuge. Isai. xvii.


Rock giving Water. Christ giving Grace to a thirsty World. 1 Cor. x. 4.


KING. God the King of Kings, and Origin of all Authority and Power. Matth. xxii. 2. Rev, xyii. 4, 1 Tim. i. 17. Psal. xxiv. 8.

Master or Teacher.

Christ. Matth. xxiii. 8. John

xiii. 13.

Servants. Christians who give themselves up to the


Service of God. Tit. i. 1. Rev. vii. 3. Gal. i.

10. A Slave, one who has no Property in bimself, but is

bought by another. Such are all Mankind, whom Christ hath redeemed. 1 Cor. vi. 20. Deut. vii.

8. · Isa. lxi. 1. A Captive. One under Sin and Satan. 2 Tim. ii.

26. Rom. vii. 23. A Father. God the Father Almighty, of whom we are

the Children by Creation and Redemption. Mal. i.

6. ii. 10. Jer. xxxi. 9. Brethren. Christians united by their Profession. Acts

xxi. 7. 1 Cor. xv. 6. Two Bretliren, the Elder, and the Younger. The Jero

and Gentile. Gen. xxv. 23. Matth. xxi. 28. Luke

xv. 11. 2 Kings iv. 1. Family. The Church of God. Eph. iii. 15. A Bridegroom. Christ as the Spouse of tlie

Church. Mark ii. 19. Matth. ix. 25. Rev.

xxi. 9.

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A Virgin. A Christian Church in its Purity. 2 Cor.

xi. 2. A Harlot, Whore, or Adultress.

An Apostate Church, or City, with Heathen Corruptions. Isai. i, 21. Jer. iii. 6. Ezek. xxiii. 7. Rev.

xvii. 5. A Shepherd. Christ, the Leader and Keeper of

his Flock, the Church. Psal. xxiii. 1. Isai. xl. 11. Ezek. xxxiv. 23. John X. 14. I Petr V. 4.

. An Hireling. A false Minister, 'who careth not for

the Sheep. John x. 12, 13. Citizens. Members of the heavenly City, the Jeru

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salem that is above. Eph. ii. 19.

xii. 22. A Fisherman. Luke v. 10. Soldier. A Christian, at War with the World, the Flesh, and the Devil. 1 Tim. ii. 3, 4.

A Captain. The leader of Salvation. Heb. ii. 10. Josh. v. 15. 2 Chron. xiii. 12.

Heb. xi. 10.

A Preacher, that winneth souls.

A Physician. The Saviour curing the Sins and Sicknesses of the Mind. Matth. ix. 12. Luke x. 34.


A Beggar, Man, in respect of his Poverty and Weakness before God. Rev. iii. 17.


THE Field. The World. Matth. xiii. 38.

The Wheat. The Children of the kingdom.. Matth.

xiii. 38.

The Tares. The Children of the wicked One. Matth. xii. 38.

The Harvest. The End of the World. Matth. xiii. 3. 39.

The Reapers. The Angels. Ibid.

A Sower. A Preacher of the Word. Matth. xiii. 3.
The Seed. The Word of God. Luke viii. 11.
The Ground. The Heart of Man. Luke viii. 15.
Heb. vi. 7.

Thorns. Cares, Riches, and Pleasures of Life. Luke viii. 14. Heb. vi. 8.

The pre

Plowing and breaking up the Ground.

paration of the Heart by repentance. Hos. X,

12. A Vineyard. The Church of Israel, Isai. v. 7. The Mower. Death, which cuts down the fairest

Flowers of the Field. Psal. xc. 6. The Labourer. The Minister, who serves under God

in his Husbandry. Matth. ix. 37, 38. 1 Cor. iii.

9. James v. 4. Stubble. The Wicked. Isai. xl. 24.

. The sifting of Wheat. The Temptations and Trials of the Godly. Luke xxii. Si.



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A BODY. A Society: a Church, with its different

Members. 1 Cor. xii. 20-27. The Head. The superior part : the governing Principle. Ephes. v. 23. Isai. ix. 15. Deut. xxyiii

. 13. Isai. i. 5. Dan. ii. 38. The Eye. A Prophet, or Minister that giveth Know

ledge to the People. i Cor. xii. 16, 17, 1 Sam. ix.

9. Isa. xxx. 10. Blindness. IVanting Understanding in divine Wisdom. Matth. xv. 14; 2 Pet. i. 9. Acts xii. , 11. Isai. :

. xxix. 18. Wounds, and Bruises, and putrifying Sores. The

miserable Effects of Sin in the Nature of Man. Isai. i. 6. Jer, xvii. 14. Psal. cyii. 20. Isai. .

xxxiii. 5. The Clothing of the Body. Man being naked, the

Gifts of Grace and Righteousness are a Clothing. Matth. xxii. 11. Isai. Ixi. 10. Rev. vii.

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