Scenes and sketches from English history. (Comm. of gen. lit. and educ., S.P.C.K.).


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Sivu 222 - I shall to another world, and thou shalt be left alone in all my wealth. I pray thee (for thou art my dear child), strive to be a father and a lord to thy people. Be thou the children's father, and the widow's friend. Comfort thou the poor, and shelter the weak ; and with all thy might, right that which is wrong. And, Son, govern thyself by law ; then shall the Lord love thee, and God, above all things, shall be thy reward. Call thou upon Him to advise thee in all thy need, and so shall He help thee...
Sivu 316 - Care has been taken to select such pieces and passages as best illustrate the style of the respective Authors, and are, at the same time, not beyond the average capacity of youthful students. It is scarcely necessary to add, that the most scrupulous attention has been paid to the moral character of the extracts.
Sivu 3 - IT is our purpose to narrate the principal, and most interesting events in the annals of England ; not to reject any topic connected with them which is likely to entertain and instruct: Religion, Literature, Customs, and Manners ; to avail ourselves of authentic private memoirs and anecdotes of celebrated personages ; sometimes to comprise the history of many years in a brief passing notice ; at others, to dwell for a considerable period on that of a few weeks, or even of a single day. Rejecting,...
Sivu 316 - These Fables are, as they profess to be, taken from the Persian ; but some liberties have been taken in the translation, by adapting the colloquies and incidents to our own notions and usages ; the same liberty, in fact, which the Persian authors ! pleasing to others.
Sivu 250 - I am useful to the king, and to ealdormen, and to the rich, and to all people. I ascend my ship with my merchandise, and sail over the sea-like places, and sell my things, and buy dear things which are not produced in this land, and I bring them to you here with great danger over the sea ; and sometimes I suffer shipwreck, with the loss of all my things, scarcely escaping myself.
Sivu 314 - An elementary Work, intended to instruct, in the sublime facts of Astronomy, those who are unacquainted with mathematical reasoning ; and to explain to them, in familiar language, the principal phenomena of the Heavens. The Lessons are illustrated by numerous Engravings.
Sivu 316 - Crusaders, are set before the view of the reader as they lived, thought, and acted. Their valour, their superstition, their ferocity, their honour, are displayed in as strong a light as the existing historical documents permit, and accurate descriptions and graphic illustrations exhibit the towns and scenery of Syria, and the other countries which were the theatre of the exploits of the Crusaders.
Sivu 236 - ... fly about. From these the king, with his pack of hounds, selected one for his own hunting, and pursued it long through devious ways with great agility on his horse, and with the dogs following. In the vicinity of Ceoddri were several abrupt and lofty precipices hanging over profound declivities. To one of these the stag came in his flight, and dashed himself down the immense depth with headlong ruin, all the dogs following and perishing with him.
Sivu 137 - Sabareth,) and which thou dost not yet cease to give to the people in' the Church ?" He answered, ' If ye will be washed in that wholesome font, wherein your father was, ye may likewise eat of this blessed bread, whereof he was a partaker ; but if ye contemn the lavatory of life, ye can in no wise taste the bread of life.
Sivu 133 - Lord, of thy mercy, let thy wrath and anger be turned away from this city, and from thy Holy Place, for we have sinned. Hallelujah.

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