A Tour Through the Northern Counties of England, and the Borders of Scotland, Nide 2

R. Cruttwell, 1802 - 316 sivua
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Sivu 15 - The world's a stately bark, on dangerous seas With pleasure seen, but boarded at our peril : Here on a single plank, thrown safe ashore, I hear the tumult of the distant throng, As that of seas remote, or dying storms, And meditate on scenes more silent still, Pursue my theme, and fight the fear of death.
Sivu 104 - Remove far from me vanity and lies : give me neither poverty nor riches ; feed me with food convenient for me : lest I be full, and deny thee, and say, Who is the Lord 1 or lest I be poor, and steal, and take the name of my God in vain.
Sivu 280 - Jesus' sake, forbeare To dig the dust enclosed here: Blessed be the man that spares these stones, And curst be he that moves my bones.
Sivu 276 - ... intended to write his epitaph, if he happened to out-live him; and since he could not know what might be said of him when he was dead, he desired it might be done immediately ; upon which...
Sivu 208 - For they are fitting for thy wife, but not for me. I will spend my days in prayer, Love and all her laws...
Sivu 101 - I had gazed perhaps two minutes' space, Joanna, looking in my eyes, beheld That ravishment of mine, and laughed aloud. The Rock, like something starting from a sleep, Took up the Lady's voice, and laughed again : That ancient Woman seated on Helm-Crag Was ready with her cavern : Hammar-Scar, And the tall Steep of Silver-How, sent forth A noise of laughter ; southern Loughrigg heard, And Fairfield answered with a mountain tone: Helvellyn far into the clear blue sky Carried the Lady's voice, — old...
Sivu 206 - Thou hast set this present day my body free, But my heart in prison still remains with thee. " How should'st thou, fair lady, love me, Whom thou know'st thy country's foe? Thy fair wordes make me suspect thee : Serpents lie where flowers grow.
Sivu 226 - Where throngs of knights and barons bold In weeds of peace high triumphs hold, With store of ladies, whose bright eyes Rain influence, and judge the prize Of wit or arms, while both contend To win her grace whom all commend.
Sivu 205 - By the liking of an eye. In his courteous company was all her joy, To favour him in any thing she was not coy. But at last there came commandment For to set the ladies free, With their jewels still adorned, None to do them injury. Then...
Sivu 207 - I have neither gold nor silver To maintain thee in this case, And to travel is great charges, As you know in every place...

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