Directory of Wetlands of International Importance in the Western Palearctic

IUCN, 1980 - 506 sivua

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Sivu 500 - ... c) offers special opportunities for promoting public understanding and appreciation of wetlands, open to people from several countries. 4. Criteria concerned with the practicality of conservation and management Notwithstanding its fitness to be considered as internationally important on one of the Criteria set out under 1, 2 and 3 above, a wetland should only be designated for inclusion in the List of the Ramsar Convention if it: a) is physically and administratively capable of being effectively...
Sivu 500 - Criteria pertaining to a wetland' s importance to populations and species A wetland should be considered internationally important if it: a) regularly supports 1% (being at least 100 individuals) of the flyway or biogeographical population of one species of waterfowl...
Sivu 501 - ... a wetland of national value only may, nevertheless, be considered of international importance if it forms a complex with another adjacent wetland of similar value across an international border.
Sivu 500 - ... is of special value for maintaining genetic and ecological diversity because of the quality and peculiarities of its flora and fauna; or...
Sivu 503 - ... to ensure that areas of land or sea which do not have special protection (the vast majority) are managed so that natural resources are conserved and the many species and varieties of plants and animals can...
Sivu 500 - ... (e) plays a major role in its region as the habitat of plants and of aquatic and other animals of scientific or economic importance. 2. Criteria concerned with the selection of representative or unique wetlands A wetland should be considered internationally important if it: (a) is a representative example of a wetland community characteristic of its biogeographical region...
Sivu 3 - ARTICLE 2 1. Each Contracting Party shall designate suitable wetlands within its territory for inclusion in a List of Wetlands of International Importance, hereinafter referred to as "the List" which is maintained by the bureau established under Article 8.
Sivu 52 - J., 1967: Plant Communities of Mires in the Western Part of the KrkonoSe Mountains, Czechoslovakia.
Sivu 77 - Waterfowl populations in Denmark 1965-1973. A survey of the non-breeding populations of ducks, swans and coot and their shooting utilization.

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