Women of Power: Half a Century of Female Presidents and Prime Ministers Worldwide

Policy Press, 30.7.2014 - 576 sivua
CHOICE OUTSTANDING ACADEMIC TITLE 2015 Do women national leaders represent a breakthrough for the women’s movement, or is women’s leadership weaker than the numbers imply? This unique book, written by an experienced politician and academic, is the first to provide a comprehensive overview of how and why women in 53 countries rose to the top in the years since World War II. Packed with fascinating case studies detailing the rise to power of all 73 female presidents and prime ministers from around the world, from 1960 (when the first was elected) to 2010, the motives, achievements and life stories of the female top leaders, including findings from interviews carried out by the author, provide a nuanced picture of women in power. The book will have wide international appeal to students, academics, government officials, women’s rights activists and political activists, as well as anyone interested in international affairs, politics, social issues, gender and equality.

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List of figures and tables
One Breakthrough on several continents
background approaches research
women are able in various
Four Roaring SheTigers in South Asia
Five Equilibrists in East Asia
Six Machismo marianismo and modernism in Latin America
Eight Big Chiefs in subSaharan Africa
from communism to capitalism
womanpower and defeat
summary of the regional chapters
overview variation trends

Seven Lopsided democracies in the Caribbean

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Torild Skard is a senior researcher in women’s studies at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs in Oslo, specialising in women in politics. A pioneer in the women’s movement nationally and internationally, she was formerly an MP and the first woman president of the Norwegian Upper House. She has also been director for the Status of Women in UNESCO Paris, regional director in UNICEF West and Central Africa and director general in the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She has written numerous books and articles on women’s issues, particularly women in politics, and travels widely, studying and promoting the status of women.

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