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house to house—testify to Jews and Greeks neither worldly politics, nor human inventions, but repentance toward God, and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ-watch in all things---do the work of an evangelist-make full proof of your ministrygive attendance to reading, to exhortation, to doctrine--meditate upon these things—GIVE THYSELF WHOLLY TO THEM. Do these things, and then, when you are become venerably hoary in the best of services, finish your course with joy—take Britain and her colonies, protestantism and popery, Canada and China, your own church and other reformed churches, heaven and earth, to record that you are pure from the blood of all menQuit the world like your divine master, and ascend to heaven, yoų blessing us, and we admi

ring. you.

But if on the contrary, neglecting all the duties of your office, and practising all the vices that ever provoked the patience of God and man-If you enter the church by that door, by which Ananias was turned out, professing to be moved by the spirit of God, while you are actuated only by ambition or avarice-If so far from coming up to the spirit of those qualifications, which are required to ordination, you fall short of the very letter, either in learning, morality, or knowledge of theologyIf you subscribe thirty nine articles, three creeds, the genuine and the apocryphal Scriptures, the books of prayer, ordination, and homilies, and swear canonical obedience to one hundred and forty one canons, without having read, examined, and

believed the whole-If you take the oath of supremacy, and hold, that the church hath legislative power—If you abjure popery upon oath, and yet hold the principal articles that support it-If you swear allegiance to his Majesty, and teach anti-revolutional principles—If you obtain preferment by simony direct or indirect-If you take charge of 2000 souls, and never speak to 1900 of them -If

you hold contradictory doctrines while you profess uniformity—If you have a catechism, and never teach it-If you neglect your duty to hunt after preferment-If you enjoy the emoluments of a spiritual office in person, and do the service of it by proxy-If you hate reformation, and depreciate and persecute those who would reform youIf you misrepresent peaceable subjects, taxing them with heresy, schism, and republicanism, and strive to render their loyalty to the crown, and their love to the constitution doubtful-If you prophane Sabbaths, and ordinances of divine appointment-If all your study is to make a fair shew in the flesh-If you mind only earthly things, your god being your belly, and glorying in your shame ---and vainly imagine to cover all these crimes by observing a Good-Friday, and so to gull mankind into a persuasion of your sapience and sanctityKnow of a truth-the time may come, when your civil governors may see it as necessary to reform your

reformation as their ancestors did to reform the religion of your predecessors--till then, although the religion of pious spectators will not suffer them to hurt a hair of your head, yet the same religion will oblige them to say of you—This evil man talks of light, while his feet are stumbling on dark mountains his country and the small remains of his own conscience, the canons of his church and the laws of the state, the liberalities of his prince and the tears of his brethren—the ashes of Burnets and Hoadlys and Lardners, the best judgments of heaven on degenerate priests and incorrigible nations, all call him to his duty, and warn him of the danger of falling into the hands of an angry God-if he will not hear, our souls shall weep in secret places for his ignorance and pride!

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Whatever moderation or charity we may owe to mens'

persons, we owe none at all to their errors, and to that frame which is built on, and supported by them.

Bishop BURNET,



HARLOW, Essex, June 18th, 1778.




This Syllabus, entitled, A PLAN OF LECTURES

PRINCIPLES TONCONFORMITY, drawn up by our brother Robinson, has been read and approved by us at this association, and we hereby recommend it to our sister churches.

Signed by order of all, by

MORGAN JONES, Moderator.

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