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not apply it. A skilful organist had both his hand and his foot bruised by the fall of a gallery. Whenever the surgeon attended, the musician plied him with, doctor never mind my

foot ; skill to the cure of my hand. The son of Galen, wearied out with this impertinence in his repeated visits, at length lost all christian forbearance, flew in his patient's face and bawled out-You blockhead! If your

foot should mortify what would become of your hand ! Farewell,

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Profecto eos ipsos, qui se aliquid certi habere arbitrantur,

addubitare coget doctissimo rum hominum de maxima re (i. e. de natura deorum) tanta dissentio. CICERQ.



ONE of the most odious reflections that was ever cast on the gospel is that of father Thomassin. He says, that the whole earth would have been overrun with heresy, had not the emperors maintained the faith. Can there be a more cruel aspersion on the truth than this ? And pray reverend father, what alliance is there between the faith and the sword ? But stop; his reverence is right. By faith he means the romish religion, and by heresy he means whatever is not in the pope's creed; and he is right in affirming, that popery would have been annihilated had it not been in league with the state, and upheld by the sword. But should any man affirm this of the true belief of the gospel of Jesus Christ, he would asperse the gospel in the most shameful and indefensible manner. Affirm this, venerable father, of a particular modification of christianity and welcome; nobody will contradict you; but affirm this of christianity, of truth itself, of the doctrine and morality of the blessed Immanuel, and thousands will oppose you. Thousands would

say; Sir, we reject error, not because you call it heresy, but because we perceive its absurdity. We believe the truth, not because his im

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