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We trust our elegantes will not have cause to complain of our gallantry, or inattention to their claims in this department. When our correspondence with the beaux garçons of London and Paris is systematised, these pages will be eagerly ranged through by the eye of every fair one, who has not adopted that silly idea, which Thomson applies to his little sun-burnt rustic Lavinia :

When unadorned, adorned the most;

but has sufficient enlargement of soul to conceive

Art may improve what Nature gave,

and Cinderella-like, puts aside the sombre habit of the housewife, for the more splendid attire of the fashionable belle.



Nos. 1 and 2.Evening Dre88e8. FONTARABIAN robes of Saragossa brown net, worn over white satin or sarsnet; the front breadth ornamented with borders of vandyke lace, terminated at the extreme edge with gold cord, or narrow binding. Stomacher of white satin, laced with gold. Short sleeve of correspondent materials. A drapery flowing from the right shoulder (where it is confined with a brooch), is trimmed semblable to the front of the robe (as seen in Fig. 1 of the Plate), and falling in graceful negligence round the back of the figure, is trimmed on the left side with a gold tassel. A Pelerine, or Pilgrim's tippet, of lace, brought to points in front of the figure, and confined with gold brooches on the shoulders, forms a graceful finish for the bust. A patriotic hat of white satin, frosted velvet, or silver tissue, with Gallician plume. Hair worn in irregular ringlets. - Diamond earrings, necklace, and bracelets. Shoes of white satin, with silver rosettes and fringe. Gloves of French kid. • The different terms applied to the various articles which compose this elegant habiliment will, of course, bespeak it entirely Spanish; and we here take occasion to remark, that it is equally consistent and attractive if formed of any fashionable coloured crape, or fancy leno.

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