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CHARLES, you must not go out into the fields by your-self", nor with-out leave. You are & very little boy, you know; and if you were to ven'ture out by your-self', you might be lost; then you would cry, and night would come, and it would be dark, and you could not find your way home, and you would have no bed; you would be forced to lie down in the fields upon the wet cold grass, and per-haps' you would die, and that would be a sad tale to tell.

I will tell you a sto’ry about a lamb.— There was once a shep'herd who had a great many sheep and lambs. He took a great deal of care of them, and gave theni sweet fresh grass to eat, and clear water to drink ; and if they were sick, he was very good to them. When they climbed up the steep bill, and the lambs were tired, he used to car'ry them in his arms; and when they were all eat'ing their sup'pers in the field, he used to sit upon a stile, and play thein a tune, and sing to them ; and so they were the happi-est sheep and lambs in the whole world. But ev'er-y night this shepherd

used to pen them up in a fold. Do you know what a sheep fold is ? Well, I will tell you. It is a place like the court; but in-stead of pales there are hur'dles, which are made of sticks that will bend, such as o'sier twigs ; and they are twist'ed and made very fast, so that noth'ing can creep ini, and noth'ing can get out. Well, and so ev'er-y night, when it grew dark and cold, the shepherd called all his flock, sheep and lambs, to-geth'er, and urove them into the fold, and penned them up; and there they lay as snug, and warm, and com'fort-a-ble as could be, and nothing could get in to hurt them. The dogs lay round on the out'side to guard them, and to bark, if any body came near ; and in the mor'ning the shep'herd un-penned' the fold, and let them all out a-gain'.

Now they were all very hap'py, as I told you, nd loved the shep'herd dear'ly that was so good to hem-all ex-cept one fool'ish lit’tle lamb. And this lamb did not like to be shut up ev'er-y night in the fold : and she came to her moth'er, who was a wise old sheep, and said to her, I won'der why we are shut up so every night; the dogs are not shut up, and why should we be shut up? I think it is ver'y hard, and I will get a-way' if I can, I am resolved'; for I like to run a-bout where I please, and I think it is ver'y pleas'ant in the woods by moonlight. Then the old sheep said to her, You are very silly, you little lamb, you had bet'ter stay in the fold. The shep'herd is so good to us, that we should always do as he bids us; and if you wan’der a-bout' by yourself, I dare say you will come to some harm. I dare say not, said the little lamb: and so when the eve'ning came, and the shepherd called them all to come into the fold, she would not come, but crept sli'ly un'der a hedge, and hid herself. And when the rest of the lambs were all in the fold, and fast a-sleep', she came out, and jumped, and frisked, and danced a-bout ; and she got out of the field, and got into a for'est full of trees ; and a very fierce wolf came rush'ing out of a cave, and howled very loud. Then the silly lamb wished she had been shut up in the fold; but the fold was a great way off--and the wolf saw her, and seized her, and car'ried her a-way' to a dis'mal dark den, all covered with bones and blood; and there the wolf had two cubs, and the wolf said to them, Here I have brought you a young fat lamb ; and so the cubs took her, and growled over her a little while, and then tore her to pie'ces, and ate her up. :


What would become of Charles if he went out by himself? What would he do then? What did the shepherd give to the sheep and the lambs? What did the shepherd do when the sheep and the lambs were eating their suppers ? Where did the shepherd put the sheep and the lambs at night? What do you mean by a sheepfold ? What did the shepherd do to the sheep in the morning? Did all the sheep and the lambs love the shepherd ? What did the foolish little lamb say to its mother? What did the old sheep say to the lainb? What did this little foolish lamb do when all the others went

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