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or esteem a child who acted so mean a part? Such a child cannot be happy. A frank and openhearted child is the only happy child. Deception, however skilfully it may be practised, is disgraceful, and brings with it sorrow and contempt. If you would have the comfort of a good conscience, and the love of your friends, never do that which you shall wish to have concealed, Be above deceit, and then you will have nothing to fear. Besides, deceit will shut you out of heaven. At the last day, “God will bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing." And how must the child then feel, who has been guilty of falsehood and deception, and has it then all brought to light!


AMONG the deepest shades of night
Can there be one who sees my way?
Yes !—God is like a shining light,
That turns the darkness into day.

When every eye around me sleeps,
May I not sin without control ?
No !—for a constant watch he keeps,
On every thought of every soul,

If I could find some cave unknown,
Where human feet had never trod,

Yet there I could not be alone ; :
On every side there would be God.

He smiles in heaven; he frowns in hell;
He fills the air, the earth, the sea;
I must within his presence dwell ;
I cannot from his anger flee.

Yet I may flee, he shows me where;
Tells me to Jesus Christ to fly;
And while he sees me weeping there,
There's only mercy in his eye.

HUMAN BEINGS AND THEIR SENSES. I am a human being. I walk upright. All human beings do the same. Other animals walk with their faces towards the ground. I use my legs in walking. Other animals also use their legs in walking.

I can see, hear, feel, taste, and smell. Other animals can do the same. Seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, and smelling, are called the five senses. I see with my eyes, I hear with my ears, I taste with my tongue, I smell with my nose, and I can feel pain in any part of my body. Other animals also see with their eyes, hear with their ears, smell with their noses, and feel pain when they are hurt. I can also feel joy, sorrow, and fear. The other

animals feel the same. The dog ieels joy when he sees his master pleased, feels sorrow when he sees his master uneasy, feels fear when he sees his master threaten him with a whip.

I can speak. I can express what I feel in words. Other animals utter sounds, but they cannot speak. The dog expresses joy by barking, and pain by howling: he expresses sorrow by a look, and fear by hanging down his tail between his legs, but he cannot speak.

I can think. Reason is the power of thinking. Reason is one of the gifts which Almighty God in his great goodness bas bestowed on human beings. God has not given reason to the other animals.

I can understand by reason why a house has windows, doors, and chimneys; why a stove is made of metal, and not of wood; why a pitcher has a handle; why the blade of a knife has a sharp edge; and why my shoes are made of leather, and not of tin, wood, or cloth. The brutes cannot understand what I do. A cat knows no more of the reason of these things, than the watering-pot does.

I can also understand why I am not always permitted to do what I please; why I ought to do what my parents and teachers desire; why I ought to be obedient, diligent, and attentive.

I observe that the rose is like the carnation, for both are flowers; both have an agreeable smell and fine colours; both have a root, leaves, and stem; both proceed from a bud; both come out into flower for a short time, and then fade.

But I observe also that they are unlike. The rose differs from the carnation, for it has not the same kind of smell. The rose has thorns, but the carnation has not. I can by reason compare the rose with the carnation, and I can distinguish the one from the other.


What is the thing of greatest price,

The whole creation round-
That, which was lost in Paradise,-

That, which in Christ is found.
The Soul of man,—Jehovah's breath!

That keeps two worlds at strife ;
Hell moves beneath to work its death,

Heaven stoops to give it life.
God, to reclaim it, did not spare

His well beloved Son;
Jesus, to save it, deigned to bear

The sins of all in one.
The Holy Spirit seal’d the plan,

And pledged the blood divine,
To ransom every soul of man ;-

That price was paid for mine.


Difficult words of Section First arranged, not alphabetically, but according to the order in which they stand in each lesson.

Italic ș sounds z; other Italic letters are silent.

Ven'-ture, dare to go

Djs-cov'-er, find out Hur'-dles, rods plaited toge- Re-tains', holds or kceps ther

In-fest', to be troublesome Osier, (o'-zher), a kind of Nui':sance, something disą. willow

greeable Comfortable (cum-furt), plea. De-vour', eat greedily sant

Cre-a'-ted, formed or made Re-solved', fixed in mind \ A-bun'-dant-ly, plentifully Pleas'-ant, agreeable

Fir'-ma-ment, the sky Forf-est, a large wood Mull-ti-ply, increase in num. Dis'-mal, dark and gloomy ! ber Ca-ress'-es, inakes of

Im'-age, likeness or figure Ed’-in-burgh (bur-ro), a city Do-min'-ior, power over Va'-ri-ous, of several kinds | Re-plen'-ish, stock or fill up Sports'-man, a hunter

Sub-due', to bring under Pur-su'-ing, chasing

Throb'-bing, beating with pain Faith'-ful, fit to be trusted or fright An'-i-mal, a living creature E-scape', to get free La-meni', what expresses Per'-ish, to die grief

De-stroy', to kill or waste Na'-tive, born in a place Con-ceive', to form a thought Sen'-ti-nel, one that watches of Ad-vance', go forward De-prive', to strip of A-ların', warning of danger Ad-gem'-ble, to come or gather Man'-age, direct or guide together Pre-serves', keeps safe

De-scribe', to tell about Fam'-i-ly, those of one house De-fend', to keep from harm Pres'-ent-ly, without delay Cluin'-sy, ill-shaped Nim'-bly, activity, briskly Ban'-ish, to drive from home Sli'-ly, cunningly

Ex-tinct', out of existence Sev'-er-al, a number of differ Pro-ceed', to go forward ent ones

A-muse', to divert Mould'-y, covered with a' In-struct', to teach downy matter

| Pro-vide', to procure or get Quar'-ter, a particular point Per-ceive', to observe with the Pier'-cer, wilder, more savage! mind Poul'-try, fuwis kept about a Im-prove', to get better in niny


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