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Who is this beautiful virgin that approaches clothed in a robe of light green? She has a garland of flowers on her head, and flowers spring up wherever she sets her foot. The snow which covered the fields, and the ice which was in the rivers, melt away, when she breathes upon them. I The young lambs frisk about her, and the birds warble in their little throats to welcome her coming; and when they see her, they begin to choose their mates, and to build their nests. Youths and maidens, have you seen this beautiful virgin ? If

ou have, tell me who she is, and what is her name.

Who is this that comes from the south, thinly clad in a light transparent garment ? Her breath is hot and sultry ; she seeks the refreshment the cool shade ; she seeks the clear streams, the crystal brooks, to bathe her lan'guid limbs. The brooks and rivulets fly from her, and are dried up at her approach. She coois her parched lips with berries, and the grateful acid of fruits ; the seedy

mel'on, the sharp apple, and the red pulp of the juicy cherry, which are poured out plentifully around her. The tanned haymakers welcome her coming; and the sheepshearer, who clips the fleeces of his flock with his sounding shears. When she comes, let me lie under the thick shade of a spread ing beech tree ;-— let me walk with her in the early morning, when the dew is yet upon the grass ;-let me wander with her in the soft twi'light, when the shepherd shuts his fold, and the star of evening appears. Who is she that comes from the south ? Youths and maidens, tell me if you know, who is she, and what is her name.

Who is he that comes with sober pace, stealing upon us unawares ? His garments are red with the blood of the grape, and his temples are bound with a sheaf of ripe wheat. His hair is thin, and begins to fall, and the auburn is mixed with mournful grey. He shakes the brown nuts from the tree He winds the horn, and calls the hunters to their sports. The gun sounds. The trembling partridge and the beautiful pheasant flutter, bleeding in the air, and fall dead at the sportsman's feet. Who is he that is crowned with the wheat-sheaf? Youths and maidens, tell me, if you know, who he is, and · what is his name.

Who is he that comes from the north, clothed in furs and warm wool ? He wraps his cloak close

about him. His head is bald ; his beard is made of sharp i'ci-cles. He loves the blaʼzing fire high piled upon the hearth. He binds skates to his feet, and skims over the frozen lakes. His breath is piercing and cold, and no little flower dares peep above the surface of the ground when he is by. Whatever he touches turns to ice. If he were to strike you with his cold hand, you would be quite stiff and dead, like a piece of marble. Youths and maidens, do you see him? He is coming fast upon us, and soon he will be here. Tell me, if you know, who he is, and what is his name.


Come, let us praise God, for he is ex-ceed'ing great ; let us bless God, for he is ver’y good.

He made all things : the sun to rule the day, the moon to shine by night.

He made the great whale, and the el'e-phant : and the little worm that crawleth on the ground

The little birds sing praises to God, when they warble sweetly in the green shade.

The brooks and rivers praise God, when they nur'mur me-lo'diously amongst the smooth pebbles.

I will praise God with my voice ; for I may praise him, though I am but a little child.

A few years ago, and I was a little in'fant, and niy tongue was dumb within my mouth.

And I did not know the great name of God, for my un-der-stand'ing was not come un'to me. ,

But now I can speak, and my tongue shall praise him; I can think of all his kindness, and my heart shall love him. . ::

Let him call me, and I will come unto him; let', and I will obey him.

When I am older, I will praise him better ; and I will never forget God so long as my life remain'eth in me.

Behold the shep'herd of the flock, he taketh care for his sheep, he leadeth them a-mong' clear brooks, he guideth them to fresh pasture; if the young lambs are weary, he carri-eth them in his arms; if they wan'der, he bringeth them back. '

But who is the shepherd's Shepherd ? who taketh care of him ? who guideth him in the path "he should go ? and if he wander, who shall bring him back ?

God is the shep'herd's Shep'herd. He is the Shepherd over all : he taketh care for all ; the whole earth is his fold; we are all his flock; and every herb and every green field is the pasture which he hath pre-pared for us.

The mother loveth her little child; she bringeth it up on her knees; she nour'ish-eth its body with food; she feedeth its mind with knowledge ; if it is sick, she nurseth it with tender love; she watcheth over it when asleep; she for-get'teth it not for a

mu'ment; she teacheth it how to be good; she rejoiceth daily in its growth.

But who is the Parent of the mother? who nour'ish-eth her with good things, and watcheth over her with tender love, and re-member-eth her every moment? Whose arms are about her to guard her from harm ? and if she is sick, who shall heal her?

God is the Parent of the mother; he is the Parent of all, for he cre-a'ted all. All the men and all the women who are alive in the wide world are his chil'dren; he loveth all, he is good to all.

The king gov'ern-eth his peo'ple. He hath a golden crown upon his head, and the roy'al scep'tre in his hand. He sitteth upon a throne, and sendeth forth his commands. His subjects fear before þim. If they do well, he pro-tect'eth them from dan'ger ; and if they do evil, he pun'ish-eth them.

But who is the Sov'er-eign of the king? Who com-mand'eth him what he must do? Whose hand is stretched out to pro-tect him from dan'ger ? and if he do evil, who shall pun'ish him ?

God is the Sov'er-eign of the king. His crown is of rays of light, and his throne is a-mongst the stars. He is King of kings, and Lord of lords. If he Bid us Įive, we live ; and if he bid us die, we die. His do-min'ion is over all worlds, and the light of his coun'te-nance is upon all his works. God is our Shepherd, there'fore we will follow him: God is our Father, there'fore we will love

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