Mineral Resources of the United States, Osa 2,Numero 1

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1914

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Sivu 569 - ... charms, vases, statues, statuettes, mugs, cups, steins, lamps, and all other articles composed wholly or in chief value of such ware...
Sivu 66 - On the arrival of the ores at such establishments they shall be sampled according to commercial methods under the supervision of Government officers, who shall be stationed at such establishments, and who shall submit the samples thus obtained to a Government assayer...
Sivu 569 - ... not painted, colored, tinted, stained, enameled, gilded, printed, or ornamented or decorated in any manner; and manufactures in chief value of such ware not specially provided for in this section, fifty-five per centum ad valorem.
Sivu 66 - ... Secretary of the Treasury, who shall make a proper assay of the sample, and report the result to the proper customs officers, and the import entries shall be liquidated thereon, except in case of ores that shall be removed to a bonded warehouse to be refined for exportation as provided by law. And the Secretary of the Treasury is authorized to make all necessary regulations to enforce the provisions of this paragraph.
Sivu 65 - Blues, such as Berlin. Prussian, Chinese, and all others, containing ferrocyanide of iron, in pulp, dry or ground in or mixed with oil or water, eight cents per pound.
Sivu 543 - The government publications, except those to which a price is affixed, can be obtained free by applying to the Director, United States Geological Survey, Washington, DC The priced publications may be purchased from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, DC ADAMS, GI, and others.
Sivu 337 - The filter sand shall be clean river, beach, or bank sand, with either sharp or rounded grains. It shall be entirely free from clay, dust, or organic impurities, and shall, if necessary, be washed to remove such materials from it. The grains shall all of them be of hard material, which will not disintegrate, and shall be of the following diameters : Not more than...
Sivu 66 - Lead dross, lead bullion or base bullion, lead in pigs and bars, lead! in any form not specially provided for in this section, old refuse lead run into blocks and bars, and old scrap lead fit only to be remanufactured ; all the foregoing, two and one-eighth cents per pound ; lead in sheets, pipe, shot, glaziers' lead and lead wire, two and three-eighths cents per pound.
Sivu 65 - Blue pigments and all blues containing iron ferrocyanide or iron ferricyanide, in pulp, dry, or ground in or mixed with oil or water...
Sivu 66 - All paints, colors, pigments, lakes, crayons, smalts and frostings, whether crude or dry or mixed, or ground with water or oil or •with solutions other than oil, not otherwise specially provided for in this Act, thirty per centum ad valorem ; all paints, colors and pigments, commonly known as artists' paints or colors, whether in tubes, pans, cakes or other forms, thirty per centum ad valorem.

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