Sivut kuvina
[blocks in formation]

who may be, ib 339 n

Scotch sheriffs, ib n

of Westmoreland, ib 340 n

of London, ib n

mode of nominating, ib 341 n

entering and quitting office, ib 342 n

must abide in and not farm county, ib n
may imprison person resisting him in his
duty, ib 343 n

must execute writs at his peril, ib 344 n
under-sheriff, appointment and duties, ib
345 n

bailiffs of, their duty, ib n

special bailiff, ib n

gaolers appointed by, ib 346 n

selling crops under execution, iii 7 n 417 n
payment of rent under, ib
escapes, liable for, ib 290 n

seizing lands under eligit, ib 419 n

delivery of possession in eligit, ib n
extents, ib 420 notes

Sheriff's court in London, ib 81

tourn, iv 273 411 424

[blocks in formation]

Ships, see Seamen

[blocks in formation]

Sluices on rivers, destroying, ib 144
Small debts, courts for, iii 81
tithes, i 388
Smoke-farthings, i 324
Smuggling, ib 319

offence of, iv 155 and n
Socage, ii 79

free and common, ii 78
guardian, i 461

villein, ii 98

Society, its nature, i 47

Sodomy, offence of, iv 215

sending letters charging party with, ib 144

n 215 n

soliciting to commit, ib 215 n

assault to commit, ib 217 n

Sodor and Man, bishopric of, i 106
Sokeman's, ii 100

Soldiers, i 408

wandering, iv 165

seized as prize, remedy for, ii 401 n ini 69 Sole corporations, i 469


[blocks in formation]

Solicitor, iii 26

general, ib 28 and n

[blocks in formation]

Special tail, ii 113
verdict, iii 377
warrant, iv 291
Specialty, debt by, ii 465
Special legacies, ii 512

relief in equity, iii 438

Spiriting away men and children, iv 219
Spiritual corporations, i 470

court, iii 61

in general, ib 61

clerical persons not admitted as advocates
in, i 20 n

judge of, liable to action, when, ib 84 n
incestuous marriage, punished by, ib
433 n

when will annul marriage of minor, ib
436 n

Spiritualities, guardian of, i 380
Spoliation, iii 90

Sponsio judiciales, ib 452

Springing uses, ii 334

Squibs, iv 168

Stabbing, ib 193

Stage plays, ib 168 and n

Stake driven through the body, ib 190
Stakeholders, see Agent, Bailments

Stamp duties, i 323

duties consolidated, ib 323 n

Statute merchant, 11 160 iv 426

Statute staple, ii 160 iv 428

recognizance in nature of, ii 342 iv 431
Statutes of a corporation, i 476

Staundforde, i 72

Stealing, see Larceny

an heiress, iv 208
Sterling, i 278
Steward, i 427
lord high, iii 38

his court, iv 261

in parliament, iv 260 263

of the university, his court, iv 277
of the household, iii 38

his court, iii 76 iv 276

Stint, common without, ii 34 iii 239
Stipulatio, iii 291

Stipulation in the admiralty court, iii 108
Stirpes, succession in, ii 217

Stocks for punishment, iv 377

of descent, male and female, ii 234

Stolen goods, receiving, &c. iv 132 238. See

taking reward to help to, ib 131
owner of, suing for, îi 450 n
marriages, iv 209

Stoppage, iii 305

in transitu, law of, ii 448 n

wills of soldiers and sailors exempt from, ib Stores, embezzling the king's, iv 101

[blocks in formation]

words in, how expounded, ib 60 n

receiving stolen, iv 133 n
Strangers to a fine, ii 356

Striking in the king's palace or courts of jus-
tice, iv 125 276

Study of the law, its discouragements, i31 37 n

uses, i 6

restrained in London, i 24

why neglected in the universities, i 16
general note on, i 37 n

Subjection, civil, iv 28

Subinfeudation, ii 91

Subornation of perjury, iv 137 and n
Subpoena ad testificandum, iii 369

duces tecum, ib 382

in equity, ib 445

its origin, ib 52

enactment not restrained by preamble, ib Subscription of witnesses, ii 378

[blocks in formation]

Subscriptions, unlawful, iv 117
Subsequent conditions, ii 154
evidence, iii 403 454 455
Subsidies, ecclesiastical, i 312
lay, i 308 411

on exports and imports, i 316
Subtraction of conjugal rights, iii 94
legacies, ib 98

rents and services, ib 230
tithes, ib 88 102
Succession ab intestato.

See Descent, ii 516

to goods and chattels, ib 430
the crown, i 197 iv 440

Sufferance, estate at, ii 150
Suffrage, who entitled to, ib 171
Suggestion for prohibition, iii 113
prosecution by, iv 309

Suicide, ib 189 and n

assisting another in, is murder when,
200 n

commencement of action to take case out Suit and service, ii 54

[blocks in formation]

at law, iii 116. See Action
in equity, ib 442

witnesses, ib 295

Summmary convictions. iv 280
Summoners, iii 279

Summons, iii app

[blocks in formation]

killing game on, ib n

carrier, &c. travelling on, ib n
selling goods on, ib

meat &c. iv 64

watermen plying on, ib n

Supersedeas, writ of, i 353

Superseding commissions of bankrupt, ii 488

Supplemental bill in equity, iii 448
Suppletory oath, ib 370

Supplicavit, iv 253

Supplies, i 307

Supremacy, iv 430

oath of, i 368

refusing it, iv 115

Supreme magistrates, i 146

power, i 49 146

Surcharge of common, iii 237

Surplus of intestates' effects, ii 514
Sur-rebutter, iii 310

Sur-rejoinder, ib

Surrender, of bankrupt, ii 481
title by, ib 326

deed of, ib

of term, ib

of copyhold, ib 365

death of surrenderor before admittance of
surrenderee, ib 366 n 369 n

neglect of, to uses of will aided, ii 368 n

effect of, on contingent remainders, &c. ib

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

of issue, ib 313

oaths, i 368 iv 124

money in general, iii 303 i 277
what is a good tender, iii 304 n

when may be made with effect, ib 304 n
advantage acquired by, ib 304 n
paying money into court, ib 304 n
effect of, ib 304 n
plea of, ib 303
Tenement, ii 16 59

entailable, ib 113

Tenemental lands, ib 90

Tenendum of a deed, ib 298
Tenths, ecclesiastical, i 284
temporal, ib 309

Tenure, disturbance of, iii 242
by cornage, ii 74 n

in capite, speaker's address, ib 77 n
in socage, its derivation, ib 80 n

by petit serjeanty, still exists, ib 82 n
in gavelkind, how preserved, ib 84 n
gavelkind lands subject to escheat, ib n

gavelkind and borough english not pleaded,
ib 85 n

copyhold of base tenure, ib 99 n

Tenures, ancient, ii 59

modern, ib 78

Term in law, essoign of, &c. iii 278 and n
first day of, ib 278
original of, ib 275
returns of, ib 277
of years, ii 143 app 2
Termor, ii 142

Terre-tenant, ib 91 328

Test-act, iv 59

Testament, ii 12 373 489 499 iv 424

Testamentary causes, iii 95

guardian, i 462 ii 88

jurisdiction in equity, iii 437

spiritual courts, ib 97 iv 421

Testamento annexo, administration cum, ¡i 504
Testatum capias, iii 283 app 14
Teste of writs, i 179 iii 274
Testes, proof of will per, ii 508
trial per, iii 336

Theft, iv 229, see Larceny

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

high, compassing, &c. death of king, &e
iv 76

how far words treasonable, ib 80
violating king's companion, &c. ib 81
levying war, ib

adhering to enemies, ib 82
counterfeiting king's seal, ib 83
money, ib 84

slaying chancellor or judges, ib
treasons, since 1 Mary, c. 1, ib 87
as to papists, ib

to coin, and royal signatures, ib 88
punishment of, ib 92, 3

Treasurer, lord high, iii 38 44 56
killing him, iv 84
Treasure-trove, i 295

concealment of, ib 297 v 121

Treaties, leagues, and alliances, ib 257
Trebuchet, iv 169

Trees, destroying, ib 246 and n 247
stealing, ib 233

Tithings, kingdom divided into, before Alfred, Tresayle, iii 186

[blocks in formation]

Trespass, costs in, ib 401

on lands, ib 208 209

the case, action of, ib 122

vi et armis, action of, ib 120 121 123
action of, for taking goods, ib 151 n
after notice, ib 210 n 214 n

damages increased by insult, ib 210 n
possession, and title, ib n

declaring for several, ib 212 n

against gleaners, ib 213 n

in fox hunting, ib n

by inferior tradesmen hunting, sporting, &c.

ib 214

to right of common, ib 237 n

malicious offence of, ib 247 n

Trade, see Manufactures, its progress in Eng- Trespassers, ab initio, iii 15

land, iv 428 431

offensive, iv 167

unlawful exercise of, iv 160

king may grant charter to company, i 474 n
implements, &c. of, when not distreinable, iii

[blocks in formation]

monopolies, ib 159

ship, ib 160

Trial, ib 330 iv 342 411

new, iii 387 iv 361

notice of, in London and Middlesex, iii 357 n
countermand of, ib n

notice of, after 4 terms delay, ib n
adjournment of jury pending, ib 375 n
antiquity of trial by jury, ib 376 n
withdrawing juror, ib 377 n

leave to move for nonsuit, ib

notice to produce papers, &c. iii 382 n
postea, practice relative to, ib 386
Triennial elections, i 189 483

parliaments, ib 153

Trinity, denial of, iv 50

Trinoda necessitas, i 263 357 ii 102
Triors lords, iv 263

Triplicatio, ib 310

Trithing, i 116

Triverbial days, iii 424

exercising trades without apprentice. Trover and conversion, action of, ib 152

Truce, breakers of, iv 69

[blocks in formation]

how statute for execution of, evaded, ib 336 n
use executed by the statute, ib n

when trust, merged in legal estate, ib 337 n
of chattels real or personal in remainder, ib
398 n

Tub-man, in the exchequer, iii 28
Tumultuous petitioning, i 143 iv 147
Turbary, common of, ii 34

Turnips, stealing, iv 233

Turnpikes, see Road, destroying of, iv 145
Tutor, i 460

Twelve tables, laws of, i 80

Two witnesses, when necessary, iii 370 iv 356
Tyranny, i 126 133

Ubiquity of the king, i 270

Umpire, iii 16

Unanimity of juries, iii 376 iv 414

Uncertainty of the law, iii 326
Uncore prist, ib 303

Under-sheriff, i 345

Underwood, stealing, iv 233

Union, articles of, i 96

of Great Britain, i 96 iv 427 440

Vagrants, incorrigible rogues, iv 170
harbouring, ib
Valor beneficiorum, i 285
maritagii, ii 70 88

Valuable considerations, ib 297
Valvasors, i 403
Vassal, ii 53

its etymology, ii 53 n

not protected by magna charta, ib 93 n
lord seized damages, recovered by, ib 94 n
last claim of villeinage, ib 96 n

Venire facias, writ of, iii 353 app 6 11 ir 318
351 app 3

Ventre inspiciendo, writ de, i 456
sa mere, children in, ib 130
Venue, iii 294

when changed, ib 294 384

local in action against magistrate, i 354 n
in criminal cases, iv 303, 4

where offence commenced or con
summated, ib 305 n

in county, where defendant arrested.
ib n

in adjacent county, ib n

in any county, ib n

when offence on boundaries of coun-

ties, ib n

when offence on high seas, ib n

when offence beyond seas, ib n

Verberation, iii 120

Verderors, ib 71 72

Verdict, ib 377 450 iv 360 app

false, iii 402 iv 140

in action, indictment on, iv 302 n

Verge of the court, iii 76

Vert, venison, and covert, injuries to, iii 71

United States of America, their separation from Vested legacy, ii 513

England, i 109 n

Unities of joint estates, ii 180

Universitates, i 469

University, ib 471

burgesses of, i 174

chancellor of, his certificate, iii 335
courts of, iii 83 iv 277

right of, to popish advowsons, iii 250
study of the law in, i 26

Unknown persons, larceny from, iv 236 359
Uses, ii 137 271 327 iii 52 iv 427 429 430
covenant to stand seised to, ii 338
deeds to lead or declare, ii 339 363
statute of, ii 332 iv 430

Usurpation of advowson, iii 242

franchises or offices, iii 262

Usura maritima, ii 458

Usury, ii 454

laws relative to, ib 463 n

bond securing purchase-money of foreign

estate, ib 464 n

offence of, iv 116 156

Usus fructus, ii 327

Uterinus frater, ii 232

Uttering false money, iv 89 90

forged notes what, iv 248 n 250 n
Vacancy of the throne, i 211 213 214
Vacarius, Roger, ib 18

Vacating records, iv 128

Vacations, iii 276

Vadium mortuum, ii 157

vivum, ib 157

Vagabonds, iv 169

Vagrants, iv 170 and n

idle and disorderly persons, ib
rogues and vagabonds, ib

remainder, ii 168

Vicar, i 387 see Clergy

his power and duty, i 387 n

rights, &c. in general, ib 387

vicarages, when established, i 387 iv 428
when presentation to parsonage dissolves vi
carage, i 386 n

of rector and vicar to same benefice, ib 386 n
vicarage derived out of parsonage, ib 387 n
vicarages, date of their establishment, ib n
no vicar where benefices not appropriated,
ib 388 n

age, &c. required for admission to deacon's
orders, ib n

abstract of acts enforcing residence of cler
gy, ib 392 n

raising funds to build or repair, &c. parson
age-house, ib n

chaplains, number the king and each noble.
man may have, ib n

cession and lapse by institution to second
living, ib n

commendams to bishops, ib 393 n

when bishop may refuse to accept resigna
tion, ib n

Vicarial tithes, i 388

Vice-admiralty courts, iii 69

Vicinage, common because of, ii 33

Vicontiel writs, iii 238

Vidames, i 403

View by jurors, iii 358
Vill, i 114
Villein, ii 92 93
in gross, ib 93
regardant, ib
services, ib 61

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