The Poem of the Cid

Longmans, 1879 - 124 sivua

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Sivu 3 - Scotia; or, Portraits of Forest Trees Distinguished for their Antiquity, Magnitude, or Beauty, drawn from Nature, with 50 highly finished etchings, imp. folio, half morocco extra, gilt top, a handsome volume (pub £9 9s), £2 2s. The Modern Cupid (en Chemin de Per), by M.
Sivu 18 - Mr Watt discourses of aniline pigments and dyes ; of candles and paper , of gunpowder and glass ; of inks and vinegar ; of fireworks and gun-cotton : . . . excursions over the whole field of applied science ; . . one of the best is that on 'gilding watch-movements.' A systematic arrangement of the subjects has been purposely avoided, in order that the work may be regarded as a means of intellectual recreation.
Sivu 1 - Dramatic Works, complete, translated and edited by Henri Van Laun, with Memoir, Introduction, and Appendices, wherein are given the Passages borrowed or adapted from Moliere by English Dramatists, with Explanatory Notes, illustrated with a portrait and 33 etchings, India proofs, by Lalauze, 6 magnificent vols, imperial 8vo, cloth (pub £9 9s), £2 1 8s 6d.
Sivu 15 - Leech's (John) Children of the Mobility, Drawn from Nature, a Series of Humorous Sketches of our Young Plebeians, including portrait of Leech, with Letter on the Author's Genius by John Ruskin, 410, cloth, 1841 (pub 7s 6d), 3s 6d.
Sivu 1 - STANDARD PUBLICATIONS & REMAINDERS Offered for Sale at remarkably low prices by JOHN GRANT, BOOKSELLER, 25 & 34 George IV. Bridge, EDINBURGH. Robert Burns' Poetical Works, edited by W. Scott Douglas, with Explanatory Notes, Various Readings, and Glossary, illustrated with portraits, vignettes, and frontispieces by Sam Bough, RSA, and WE Lockhart, RSA, 3 vols, royal 8vo, cloth extra (pub £2 2s), 16s 6d.
Sivu 3 - Scottish Arms, being a Collection of Armorial Bearings, AD 1370-1678, Reproduced in Facsimile from Contemporary Manuscripts, with Heraldic and Genealogical Notes, by RR Stodart, of the Lyon Office, 2 vols, folio, cloth extra, gilt tops (pub £12 I2s), £4 los.
Sivu 2 - NOW REMAINING IN ENGLAND, from the Earliest Period to the Reign of Henry VIII.; consisting of Statues, Basso-relievos, Sculptures, &c., Brasses, Monumental Effigies Paintings on Glass and on Walls ; Missal Ornaments : Carvings on Cups, Croziers, Chests, Seals ; Ancient Furniture, &c. &c. With Historical and Critical Illustrations by DOUCE, MEYRICK, DAWSON TURNER, and JOHN BRITTON.
Sivu 4 - Bail, reported by Charles Tennant Couper, Advocate, the Speeches and Opinions, revised by the Council and Judges, and the Charge by the Lord Justice Clerk, illustrated with lithographic facsimiles of the famous false Balance-sheets, one large volume, royal Svo, cloth (pub 155), 35 6d.
Sivu 15 - Marks and Monograms on European and Oriental Pottery and Porcelain, with Historical Notices of each Manufactory, preceded by an Introductory Essay on the Vasa Fictilia of the Greek, Romano- British, and Mediaeval Eras, 7th edition, revised and considerably augmented, with upwards of 3000 potters' marks and illustrations, royal 8vo, cloth extra, gilt top, £1 15s.
Sivu 8 - The power, the strangeness, the volubility of his language, the audacity of his satire, and the perfect originality of his manner, made Skelton one of the most extraordinary writers of any age or country.

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