Film Editing: History, Theory, and Practice : Looking at the Invisible

Manchester University Press, 2001 - 347 sivua
This examination of the film editor's craft ranges from the beginning of cinema to the 21st century. Film editing is widely considered to be at its best when it goes unnoticed, making it the least understood of the cinematic crafts. This book explains not only the how but also the why of this pivotal film making activity. The struggle to produce meaningful narratives through the manipulation of moving images evolved through experiment and creative inspiration. Driven by commercial imperatives, a cinematic form emerged which became universally adopted. This detailed study traces the development of editing from the primitive forms of early cinema through the upheavals caused by the advent of sound, to explore the challenges to convention that began in the 1960s and which continue into the 21st century.

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Don Fairservice is an award-winning freelance film editor who has taught at the National Film and Television School and the Northern School of Film and Television in Leeds.

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