Final Environmental Impact Statement: Proposed Southern California Lease Offering, April, 1984, Nide 1

The Service, 1983

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Sivu 1-12 - Department of Commerce. The Department of Commerce, through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS...
Sivu 2-32 - ... comply with the following requirements. Prior to any drilling activity or the construction or placement of any structure for exploration or development on the lease, including, but not limited to, well drilling and pipeline and platform placement, hereinafter in this stipulation referred to as "operation...
Sivu 4-73 - A planning process for energy facilities likely to be located in. or which may significantly affect, the coastal zone, including, but not limited to, a process for anticipating and managing the impacts from such facilities.
Sivu 4-68 - Lakes and their connecting waters, which he determines necessary for the purpose of preserving or restoring such areas for their conservation, recreational, ecological, or esthetic values.
Sivu 4-72 - The scenic and visual qualities of coastal areas shall be considered and protected as a resource of public importance. Permitted development shall be sited and designed to protect views to and along the ocean and scenic coastal areas...
Sivu 2-27 - Whether or not compensation for such damage or injury might be due under a theory of strict or absolute liability or otherwise, the lessee assumes all risks of damage or injury to persons or property, which occurs in, on, or above the Outer Continental Shelf, to any person or persons or to any property of any person or persons who are agents, employees or invitees of the lessee, its agents, independent contractors or subcontractors doing business with the lessee in connection with any activities...
Sivu 4-73 - OCZM has approved a state program, federal agency activities within a coastal zone must be consistent "to the maximum extent practicable
Sivu 1-12 - ... including, but not limited to, the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972, the Endangered Species Act of 1973, and the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.
Sivu 1-5 - Governor to provide for a reasonable balance between the national interest and the well-being of the citizens of the affected State.
Sivu 1-14 - Amendments of 19/z, a National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) was created and applies to discharges into the territorial seas, waters of the contiguous zone, and the oceans. The NPDES applies to fixed platforms and drill ships, and any discharges from these sources would require a permit issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Discharges of pollutants without the necessary permits from EPA are unlawful. Such an NPDES permit does not apply to discharge of pollutants from...

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