The Penguin Companion to Classical Music

Penguin Adult, 7.10.2004 - 896 sivua
"From one of the most respected experts on the subject, an authoritative A-to-Z reference guide covering some 1,000 years of Western music. In this impressive volume, music critic Paul Griffiths offers a succinct and comprehensive guide to the history, forms, and personalities of classical music. Biographies of thousands of composers from Albinoni to Zappa, with in-depth treatment of major figures ; Coverage of individual works, including plot summaries of operas and ballets ; Articles on the history of music and instruments ; Entries on musical forms, from medieval plainchant toz contemporary minimalism ; Clear definitions of technical terms and jargon."--Publisher website (Sept. 2006).

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The Penguin Companion to Classical Music

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These two books on classical music do not exactly cover the same territory and do not share the same purpose, but they nevertheless overlap in subject matter and partially in intent. In The Rough ... Lue koko arvostelu

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Paul Griffiths has been writing about music professionally for more than 30 years. He was chief music critic of The Times and The New Yorker, has contributed to many other publications, and is a recipient of the Commonwealth Prize.

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