Historical Dictionary of Indonesia

Scarecrow Press, 2004 - 583 sivua
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Indonesia is Asia's third largest country in both population and area, a sprawling tropical archipelago of some 180 million people from hundreds of ethnic groups with a complex and turbulent history. One of Asia's newly industrializing countries, it is already a major economic powerhouse. In over 800 clear and succinct entries, the dictionary covers people, places, and organizations, as well as economics, culture, and political thought from Indonesia's ancient history up until the recent past. Includes a comprehensive bibliography, maps, chronology, list of abbreviations, and appendix of election results and major office-holders. This second edition has been thoroughly updated and expanded to cover the events that have occurred in Indonesia's history in the past fifteen years.

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GovernorsGeneral of the Netherlands Indies
Netherlands Ministers of the Colonies
Rulers of the Early States
Cabinets of the Republic of Indonesia
Republic of Indonesia Officeholders
Parliamentary Strengths and Electoral Performance of the Parties 19451999
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Sivu 526 - Coolie Budget Commission, Living Conditions of Plantation Workers and Peasants on Java in 1939-1940, trans.

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Robert Cribb is Senior Fellow at the Australian National University in Canberra and has previously worked in Australia, The Netherlands and Denmark. His research interests focus on Indonesia and include political violence, national identity, and historical geography. He is the author of several books on Indonesia. Audrey Kahin was managing editor of Southeast Asia publications at Cornell and co-editor then editor of the journal Indonesia from 1978 to 1995. She has also written extensively on Indonesia and Southeast Asia and visits the region frequently. Her current research deals with the problem of national integration in Indonesia.

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