Fear of Physics: A Guide for the Perplexed

Basic Books, 30.7.2007 - 288 sivua
Fear of Physics is a lively, irreverent, and informative look at everything from the physics of boiling water to cutting-edge research at the observable limits of the universe. Rich with anecdotes and accessible examples, it nimbly ranges over the tools and thought behind the world of modern physics, taking the mystery out of what is essentially a very human intellectual endeavor.

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“And why does the Higgs exist, if it does? Is there a more fundamental theory that explains its existence, along with that of electrons, quarks, photos, and W and Z particles?” In “Fear of Physics” by ... Lue koko arvostelu

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As much as I would love to understand modern physics, I have yet to find a book that I, as a lay person, can really understand. Unfortunately, I have to include Fear of Physics among these. This is ... Lue koko arvostelu


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Sivu 8 - Why not say a grain of sand as rapidly as a grindstone? But, Simplicio, I trust you will not follow the example of many others who divert the discussion from its main intent and fasten upon some statement of mine which...

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Lawrence M. Krauss is Ambrose Swasey Professor of Physics and Professor of Astronomy and Director of the Center for Education and Research in Cosmology and Astrophysics at Case Western Reserve University. He is the only physicist to have received the top awards by the American Physical Society, the American Institute of Physics, and the American Association of Physics Teachers. He lives in Cleveland, Ohio.

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