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they prefer any thing to reform.-Let us ment, I constitute my individual self ihe hope, however, that the Freeholders of sole proprietor of the above-mentioned Essex will reflect a little upon their situa. islands, grounding my right and claim on tion; that they will feel the deep shame the rational and sure principles of alsoof having been so long made the tools of lute occupancy, and as such, holding and interested factions; and that they will, at possessing all the rights, tiles and imlast, act as becomes men sensible of their munities properly belonging to proprietors rigbts and alive to the interests and ho- by the usage of nations. nour of their country. They will, at the In consequence of this right and title by next election, have an opportunity of me thus assumed and established, I do furdoing this; and, if they neglect it, the ther declare, that the said islands shall for fault will be their owni.

the future be denominated the islands of WM. COBBETT.

Refreshments, the great island bearing that Staie Prison, Newgate. Friday,

name in particular, and the landing place Ilth October, 1811.

on the north side, a little to the east of the

Cascade, to be called Reception, and P. S. A Correspondent asks me, where which shall be the place of my residence. I have read of the use of Horse Chesnuts as The isle formerly called Inaccessible sha!! food for Merino Sheep. I stated, in my henceforward be called Pintard Island, and Preface to Mr. Livingstone's Book (to that known by the name of Nightingale which Preface my Correspondent refers) Island, shall now be called Lovell Island, that I had read of it in Lusteyrite's History | -- And I do further declare, that the cause of the Introduction of the Merinos into the of the said act set forth in this instrument, different States of Europe; and, if my originated in the desire and determination correspondent cannot come at the French, of preparing for myself and family a home he will find a Translation of that very use- where I can enjoy life withoui the embarful and interesting work at Mr. Harding's rassments which have hitherto constantly in St. James's Street, and at page 156 he attended me, and procure for us an intewill find the passage that I particularly rest and property, by means of which a allude to.--I beg him to excuse me for competency may be ever secured, and renot answering bis question sooner. I had main, if posssible, far removed beyond the mišlaid his letter.

reach of chicanery and ordinary misfortune. --For the above purpose I intend paying

the strictest attention to husbandry, preKING LAMBERT.

suming when it is known in the world ihat The following account of the establishment of refreshments may be obtained at my resi

a New Kingdom is taken from the Ame- dence, all vessels of whatever description, ricun Newspapers of July, 1811.

and belonging to whatever nation, will Know all men by these presents that I, visit me for that purpose, and by a fair and Jonathan Lambert, late of Salem, in the open trafic, supply themselves with those state of Massachusetts, United States of articles of which they may be in needa Americà, mariner, and citizen thereof, And I do liereby invite all those who may hare this 4th day of February, in the year want refreshments to call at Reception, of our Lord eighteen hundred and eleven, where by laying by opposite to the Case taken absolute possession of the islands of cade, they will be immediately visited by Tristan de Cunha, so called, viz. : the

a boat from the shore, and speedily supisland, and the other two known by the plied with such things as the Islands may name of Inaccessible and Nightingale produce, at a reasonable price. And be islands : solely for myself and my heirs it further known, that by virtue of the for ever : with the right of convey: aforesaid right, and authority above mening the whole, or any part thereof, tioned, I have adopted a flag* which shall to one or more persons, by deed or sale, free gift, or otherwise, as I or they (my * This flag is formed of five diamonds, heirs) may hereafter think fitler or proper. transversely from corner to corner, and -And as no European, or other power tour half diamonds, placed on the center whatever, has hitherto publicly claimed the of the top, bottom and both sides. The said islands by right of discovery, or act two upper and two lower diamonds are of possession, therefore be it known to all blue next the staff or halvard, and red on nations, tongues, and languages, that from the uppermost side ; the centre white, the and after the date of this public instru. four half diamonds bear the letter W.


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for ever be the known and acknowledged, mission of the Cortes. Don Fernando standard flag of these islands. And that a VII. is declared by the Cortes King of Spain, white flag shall be known, and considered and after his decease, his legitimate descenas the common flag for any vessel or ves. dants shall succeed to the throne.*_The sels in the merchants service, which may | King shall be a minor until he has comnow, or bereafter, belong to any inhabi- pleted the age of 18 years. The eldest tants of these islands. And lastly, be it son of the King shall be called Prince of known, that I hold myself and my people, the Asturias, and, as such, shall, at the age to be bound on the principles of hospitality of 14, take an oath before the Cortes, to and good fellowship and the laws of na- maintain the Constitution, and to be faithtions (if any there are) as established by ful to the King.-During a minority, a the best writers on that subject, and by no Regency shall be formed, which shall other law whatever, until iimne may pro- superintend the education of the young duce particular contracts or other engage- Prince, according to the orders of the ments.

J. LAMBERT. Cortes. The Regency shall be presided Wirness to this signature,

by the Queen Mother, if she be in life, ANDREW MILLER. and shall be composed of two of the oldest

Deputies of the Cortes, who shall be re

placed from year to year, and of two OFFICIAL PAPERS.

Counsellers of the Council of State, chosen Spain. Heads of the New Constitution.- in the order of their seniority.-The Cortes August, 1811.

shall fix the salary proper for the support of (Concluded from page 448.) the King and his Family, and shall point The King.

out the places destined for his recreation, &c. The person of the King is inviolable and ployments, but cannot be Magistrates,

-The Infantes inay be appointed to all emsacred, -He shall sanction the Laws enact

nor Members of the Cortes, and must not ed by the Cortes.—He may declare war and He shall appoint to Civil of the said Cortes. There shall be eight

leave the kingdom without the permission make peace. and Military Employments on the proposal Secretaries of State, including two for of the Council of Staie.—He shall direct all South and North America; they shall be diplomatic Negociations. He shall superintend the Applicution of the Public Reve responsible for the affairs of their respec

tive departments, and the remuneration

which they shall receive, shall be deterRestrictions on the Kingly Authority.

mined by the Cortez.--A Council of State The king shall not obstruct the meeting shall be formed, consisting of forty Memof the Cortes in the cases and at the periods bers: four of this number are to be Gran. pointed out by the Constitution, nor em- dees of Spain, of acknowledged merit and barrass or suspend the Sittings, &c. All virtue; four Ecclesiastics, of which two who may advise him to any such proceed shall be Bishops ; twelve Americans; the ings shall be holden and dealt with as remaining twenty Members to be chosen traitors. - He must not travel, marry, from among the most respectable Citizens alienate any thing, abdicate the crown, of the other classes of the community. ruise taxes, nor exchange any town, city, This council shall meet every year on the &c. without having first obtained the per- | Ist of March, and shall sit during three

months. This period can only be extendNote.-Caplain Lovell observes, that hav. ed on the request of the King, or for some ing left the above mentionell Jonathan reason of great urgency. In such cases Lambert, accompanied by two persons the Session may be prolonged, but not from Rio de Janeiro, on Trista de Cunha beyond one month. The election of the Island about the 1st of January, he pro- Cortes shall take place conformable to the ceeded on his voyage, and on Iris return to mode prescribed by the Constitution, and the island, after the space of 34 days, Mr. one Deputy shall be chosen for each 70,000 Lambert had cleared about filiy acres of souls.--The Sittings of the Cortes shall land, and planted various kinds of seeds, be opened by the King, or in his name, by some of which, as well as the coffee tree the President of the Deputation of the and sugar cane, were furnished him by the American minister at Rio de Janeiro. * The particular Regulation of the The above seeds bad sprung up, and look. Succession appears to be, for the present, ad very promising.

reserved by the Cortes.

nue, &c.

Cortes, which ought to remain permanent, treachery? He published a proclamation, in order to watch over the fulfilment of the and forged the signature of Captain GeConstitution. The above are the chief neral O Donnell,—an act till then unheard Articles of the Report whicb bas been pre- of and unknown. But this treason, this sented to the Cories. It is ordered to be vile intrigue, did not produce the effect printed, and when the copies are received Suchet had promised himself; in place of from the press, will be fully discussed. retiring to their homes, more than 10,000,

youths joined the ranks of the army.-I SPAIN.--Execution of the alledged Traitors

deceive myself much, or Senor Suchet

wishes (now that no other resource reat Figueras.

mains io him) to impede the general On the 25th August the Military Com- rising of this indefatigable principality, mission charged with the trial of the au. which never can be effected by his saying thors and accomplices in the treason that France is treating for peace wiib England; delivered Figueras to the enemy, con--he foolishly judges, that you, Catalodemned to death and to forfeiture of pro. nians, will allow yourselves to be seduced, perty the following:-Jean Murqués, Con- and think, that the great efforts you now fidential Clerk of the Keeper of the Maga. make, and will continue to make, and zine Blouquier.Jean Floretta, Servant of which the enemy so greatly fears, must the said Blouquier.Jean Jouyné, procu. be useless. He says the English are treatrier.-Genis Pons, and Pierre Pons.-All ing for peace, because he knows it would the five living at For: Fernando de Fi. increase your difficulties in receiving sucgueras, and convicted of Treason: the cours; Senor Suchet calculates this consi. three first, present at the trial, were exe- deration ought to discourage you much. cuted: the two latter were declared con- Catalonians, he tells you nothing of French tumaceous. The said Commission has ac- perfidy, or of the little faith you should quitted of the said crime the undermen- place in their promises or information. tioned :-Amon Francois Blouquier,—TheYour own ground furnishes you with unrese Pons, --Magdeleine. Pons,-Sister of deniable proofs of the impossibility of Genis and Pierre Pons.-And Marianne joining the words “ good faith” with the Floretta, servant of Blouquier. However, French nation. Courage, then, Catalo. considering that in the absence of suffi- nians: England will never abandon

you, cient proofs, they afford at least reason for but on the contrary redouble her efforts, suspicion; these four individuals have been because you redouble your own. placed under the special superintendance neral effort, then, O, Catalonians; and do of the superior Police, until the pacifica- not hearken to the French, the French tion of Upper Catalonia, and they were party, or the timid ! (Signed) Doyle. present at the execution of the condemned.

PORTUGAL. -THE WAR. Eriract of SPAIN..THE WAK.. - Address of Gene- an official dispatch from his Ercellency ral Doyle to the Catalonians.

Muturo, Lord Wellington to his Ercellency Don July 5, 1811.

Miguel Forjas. Sabugal, August 8,

1811. Catalonians.-Suchet has spread a report that Buonaparté has begun to treat I have continued to move the troops for peace with Great Britain, and that he upon their lest, since my dispatch of the was go anxious it should take effect,' that 1st inst. to your Excellency-General he had sent Talleyrand to London, and Silveira informs me, under dare of the was himself gone to the vicinity of the 28th of July, that the troops of Bessieres, coast to facilitate a prompt communica- and those under the command of General tion.—Remember, valiant and unconquer- Santocildes, continued to maintain the able Catalonians, that it is scarcely a year same positions which they respectively since this same Suchet asserted, that the occupied according to his letter of the British Government, in conjunction with 21st of July.--I know that a part of the the Spanish, had made peace with France; tifth army still remained in Zafra, on the and in consequence of it, he recommended 2d inst. and that a division only had set the Catalonians to retire to their houses, out in the direction of the county of Niebla. since there would no longer be any war. -All the information which I have reAnd what were the means he adopted to ceived, agrees in slating, that Marsha! give publicity and weight to this infamous Soult has gone in the direction of Gru

A ge

nada. I have received a communication perfections. It secured such means of enfrom Valladolid, mentioning that Marshal joyment as the deplorable situation of Bessieres had gone to France, and that things permitted, but none suited to the General Dorsenne had now the command more favourable condition of affairs, which of the North of Spain.

by the grace of the Chief Magistrate, and Extract of an official Dispatch from Lord his sublime and brilliant talents

, are apWellington, to Don Miguel Pereira For- proaching to order, prosperity, and happi.

ness. — 'That in the flourishing state of jas, dared head-quarters, Fuente Guinaldo, August 14.

agriculture, commerce, and navigation, re

establishing morals, religion, and advance The enemy has made no alteration in ing to the highest discipline the public the respective positions which force, such a prospect of security and pertheir ditferent corps occupied, since my manence is afforded which justifies the es. Jast dispatch of the 8th inst.; the army of tablishment of a firm and stable GovernPortugal was in the same positions in the ment to insure that prosperity. The said valley of the Tagus, and near Placentia, Council judging for such reasons, that it is on the 12th inst. The army of the north, necessary to invest the Supreme Authority and the fifth corps, remained as they were with all that constitutes the grandeur, on the 121h inst. “It appears very certain dignity and power of Majesty, has se. that Soult bas marched in the direction of solved : Granada, with a large corps of troops. 1. That the establishment of an heredi.

WELLINGTON. tary Throne is the best expedient for ful

filling this purpose.-2. That the throne Portugal. The WAR.----- A Dispatch,

shall descend in the male line, to the con

stant exclusion of females, and that the of which the folloring is an extract, was yesterday received at the Office of the Earl Sovereign shall be selected from that illusof Liverpool, addressed to his Lordship by and to the good of the country, and that

trious family, unceasingly elevated to glory Generul Lord Viscount Wellington, duted the Chief of that family shall be the per. Fuente Guinaldo, Jugust 31, 1811.

son on whom the Sovereignty shall deThe

enemy have made no movement of | volve, as a mark of national gratitude, as any importance since I addressed your on him the political existence of the counJordship on the 14th. On that evening a try has depended. The nation, by us, the detachment of about 1,200 infantry and organs of its will, thus confers this high cavalry, arrived at Gafa, which is on the distinction upon that Prince who has mainSouth side of the mountains which sepa- tained its glory, and to whom its liberty, rate Castile from Estreinadura; and on the its independence, and its happiness may following morning they surprised a small be safely confided. ---It being proper to picquet in St. Martin de Trebejo, under create great public Authorities from Lieutenant Wood, of the 11th Light Dra- among the Officers who have devoted goons, whom they made prisoner with ten themselves to the honour and prosperity of men, and went off that evening to Mora- the State, as well for the splendour of the Jegoo, and on the next morning to Monte throne as for. the reward of their distin· Hermosso.

guished services, the following law is

sanctioned by the said Council. HAYTI.(St. Domingo.). New Constitu- TITLE 1.- Of the Supreme Authority. tion, '1511.

1. The President Henry Christophe, is An Extraordinary Council being con- declared to be King of Hayti, under the vened to determine on the changus the name of Henry. This distinction, its preSiate ought to undergo, the said Council rogatives, and immunities, shall be herediconsider that the Constitution of the 17th tary in his family, in the line of the male February, in the year $ (1807), which and legitimate descendants, according to was maile without social compact, and seniority, and to the exclusion of females. during the storms of civil war, is not —2. All the Royal Acts shall be done in the adapted to the present condition of the name of the King, and published and proIsland, on the following grounds :—That mulgated under the Royal Signet.--. In the Constitution mentioned, although detect of male children, the heirship shall suited to the tempesiúous circumstances of pass to the nearest relation of the King, or the country, had vrany acknowledged im to the highest rauk.-4. Notwithstanding

this law, the King may adopt the children the Prince the deceased King shall have of any Prince of his kingdom, whom he appointed to this duty. Neither the Remay ibink fit to appoint his heirs.---5. If the gent or bis children are to have the guarKing should have male children subsequent dianship of the young King, 10 such adoption, his own offspring will have the prior right.--6. On the decease

TITLE 1V.-- Of the Grand and Prity Councils. of the Sovereign, until the accession of the 21. The Grand Council is composed of heir, the affairs of the kingdom shall be

the Princes of the Blood, and of the governed by the Ministers and the Royal Princes, Dukes, and Earls to be chosen by Council, who, being formed into a General his Majesty, who shall himself determine Council, shall decide by a majority of the number.-22. The President of the voles, the Secretary of State registering Council is the King himself, and in his the decisions.

absence, such noble person as he shall TITLE 11.- Of the Royal Family.

name.-23. The Privy Council is to be

chosen by the King from the Grand Dig7. The Consort of the King is declared

nitaries of the State. Queen of Hayri.-8. The Members of the Royal Family are to receive the titles of

TITLE V.---Of the Grand Officers of the

Kingdom. Princes and Princesses, and are to be addressed Most Serene Highnesses. The

21. The Great Officers of the kingdom presumptive heir is to be called Prince are the Grand Marshals of Ilayti, and are Royal.-9. Those Princes are Members of chosen from among the persons holding the Council of State as soon as they come

the rank of Generals, 'according to their of age.--10. Neither the Princes or Priu- merit.--25. Their number is to be ascesses shall marry without the King's per- signed by the King bimself.--26. The mission.-11. Tie King himself is to ap- places of the Great Officers are to be held point the Officers of his Palace, in a way during life.-27. Unless they shall be soited to the dignity of his crown.-12.

removed by a Royal Order, or from incaThere shall be established under the same pacity, and in such cases they shall preauthority, Palaces and Castles in such si

serse their tiile, iheir rank, and the half tuations of the Kingdom as his Majesty of their revenue. shall point out.

- Of the Ministers of State. TITLE 11.--Of the Regency.

28. The King shall nominate four Mi13. The King is a minor until he be 15 nisters of State, the Minister of War and years of age. During his minority a Re. of the Marine, the Minister of the Figent shall be nominated.-14., The Re. nances and of the Home Department, the gent shall be 25 years of age at least, and Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister shall either be chosen from the nearest

of Justice.-29. The Ministers are Memrelation of the King, to the exclusion of bers of the Council, and have votes.-30. females, and in defect of such relations, The Ministers rendering account of their from the Grand Dignitaries of the king services in person to his Majesty, and redom.–15. Should the King not have ap

ceive his commands. pointed a Regent, the Grand Council shall

TITLE VII.- Of Oaths. select a person according to the preceding 31. On the King's coming of age, he is law.-16. Until the King become of age, to make oath on the Evangelist in the the Regent shall be invested with all the presence of the great Authorities of the attribuies of Royalty.-17. But the Re Kingdom.-32. The Regent is to do the gent is not to conclude treaties of peace,

same on assuming his functions.---33. The alliance, or commerce, or to make decla- great Officers, the Ministers, and the Se. ration of war, until he shall have taken cretary of State, are to deliver their oath the advice of the Grand Council, the ma- of fidelity into the hands of the King. jority of the votes of which on such subjects he is to carry into effect. -18. The

TITLE VIII.--Of the Promulgation of the

Laws. Regent is not empowereil to nominate to the Grand Dignities of the kingdom, nor 34. The promulgation of all the Acts to the rank of Generals and Admirals.- of the Kingdom is as follows:-" By the 19. All the acts of the Regent are to be in Grace of God and the Constitutional Lair the name of the young King.–20. The of the State, we King of Hayti che declare, guardianship of the King is entrusted to greeting.”--These public Acts are to 'cobhis mother; and if he have no mother, to clude as follows:-" We command and


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