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5. C. Kengard, Priater, Peterboro Court, Pleet Street,

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Proclamation of a Reward for the discovery

of the Authors of certain threatening Letters,
AMERICA (U. S.)-Letter addressed to the Se- sent to the Count de Lille and others of the

cretary of the Navy, by Capt. Rogers, of the French Princes, 380.
American frigate President, relative to the ren- Letter addressed to the Admiralty by Ad.
contre between that ship and the British ship miral Sawyer, containing Capt. Bingham's state-

Little-Belt, 190, 192.

ment of the rencontre between the British ship

Abstract of the Proceedings of the Court of Little Belt, and the American Frigate President,

Inquiry held at New York, on the conduct of &c. 211.

Captain Rogers, in the Affair between the Pre- Letters from Capt. Carteret to Admiral Foley,
sident and Little-Belt, 562.

detailing the capture of a French Praam, 404.
Proelamation of the President for Convening Proceedings of a Naval Coart Martial held at

Congress, 24 July, 305.

Portsmouth, on Capt. Preston, upon charges of

Message of the President on the opening of cruelty, tyranny, and oppression, 566.

Congress, 5 November, 725,

Correspondence between Mr. Monroe, Aine. IRELAND.-- Proclamation by the Lord Lieute-

rican Secretary of State, and Mr. Foster, British

nant, relative to the Catholic Delagates, 215.

Minister at Washington, relative to the occupa- GUERNSEY.-- Proclamation of the Lieutenant

tion of the Floridas, and to the British Orders in Governor of the Island relative to its defence,

Council, 890.


AMERICA (SOUTH)-BUENOS-AYRES. Correspon- JERSEY.–Proceedings of the States of the Island,

dence between the Junta of Buenos Ayres, Lord relative to its defence, 438.

Strangford, Conde de Linhares, Gen, Artigas,

and Capt. Heywood, relative to the dispute with MALTA. -Petition of the Maltese to the King of

Great Britain, 526.

the Governor of Monte Video, 306.

Proclamation of the Governor of Malta, dis-

AUSTRIA.Ordinance of the Regency of Lower- approving of the Maltese Petition, 529.

Austria, for withdrawing certain Bank-paper HAYTI (ST, DOMINGO.)-Coronation of Chris

froin circulation, &e. 569.

tophe and his wife, as King and Queen, 381,

FRANCE.-Exposition of the State of the Empire, Ordinance prohibiting foreign merchants,

presented to the Legislative Body, 29th June, by established in Hayti, to sell by retail the cargoes

Coqot Montalivet, Minister of the Interior, 63, consigned to them, 383.


New Constitution, 471,

Speceli of Count Sigur, orator of the Council
of State, to the Legislative Body, at the close of PORTUGAL-Dispatch from General Sir Brent
the session, 25 July, 224, 250.

Spencer, to Lord Wellington, relative to the

Address of M. Regnaud to the Emperor on the

movements of the armies near Ciudad Rodrigo,


subject of the Finances, and of the progress of the
business of the Cadastro, 254, 276.

Dispatches from Lord Wellington to Lord
Decree relative to Prisoners of War, 319.

Liverpool, relative to the operatious of the armies,

Decree relative to the Naturalization of French-

to 31 August, 379, 471.

men in Pareigo Countries, 407, 477.

Dispatches from Lord Wellington to Don M.

Decree relative to Books and Printing in the

Forjas, relative to the movements of the armies,
Hanseatic towns, 410.

dated 3 and 14 August, 476.
Decree of the Prince of Eckmuhl, relative to a

Dispatches from Lord Wellington to Lord
maritime Administration and Navigation police in

Liverpool, concerning the operations of the
the Hanseatie Departments, 570.

armies, to the 20 October, and, particnlarly, the

affairs at El Bodon aod Aldea de Ponte, 532.
Addresses to the Emperor from the Depart-
ment of La Lippe and the lonian Isles, and bis

Report of the Duke of Ragusa, to the Prince
Majesty's answers, 320, 350.

of Wagram, relative to the operations of his

army, the raising of the siege of Ciudad Rodrigo,
ENGLAND.-The Prince Regent's Speecb, on pro. 574, 668.
joguing Parliament, 24 July, 117.

Report of Count Dorsanne on the same sube
Report made to the Privy Council, by the jects, 668,

Queen's Council, relative to the King's Health, Dispatches from Lord Wellington to Lord

6 July, 118.

Liverpool, announcing the capture of General

Order in Council, 7 September, relative to the Regnaud, Governor of Ciudad Rodrigo, 672.
Commerce between the West Indies and America, Dispatches from Mr. Stuart, British Minister

at Lisbon, to Marquis Wellesley, relative to the

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