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The present collection a revision of Young Judaea's earlier collection of poems—is an attempt to gather into one small volume the best English lyrics on Zionist and other Jewish subjects. The collection has one avowed purpose: To be serviceable to the Young Judaea clubs. Though its usefulness should prove much wider, where choice and exclusion were necessary, the necds of our clubs have been the deciding factor. No poem is too "old" for any child, because poetry is ageless in every sense, and a child often loves best the song that it cannot understand. For this reason no line has been drawn between the poems for senior clubs, whose members are mentally mature, and the rhymes for the youngest children. Under certain circumstances, any poem herein contained may be used by any club.

The poems have been grouped under headings, in order to help the leaders or club members in finding themes suitable for certain occasions. But these headings are only suggestive, not absolute. Under the holy day headings, for instance, are grouped many poems that may well be used on other occasions.

That the collection is incomplete must be taken for granted. The limitations of space and of editorial judgment make this inevitable. Also, new songs are daily appearing, because ours is a national movement in its springtime of song.

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