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" ... corset, I'm Juliet! Juliet! This of our tale is the short and the long, I'm Romeo! I'm Juliet! Here is the moral that goes with the song, I'm Romeo, Juliet! Lovers, we warn you of daggers be wary, Don't buy your drinks of an apothecary, Don't stab... "
New Waggings of Old Tales - Sivu 52
tekijä(t) John Kendrick Bangs, Frank Dempster Sherman - 1888 - 165 sivua
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A Parody Anthology

Carolyn Wells - 1904 - 397 sivua
...had a wag when it relished A sip of the milk in the pail, — And this fact has largely embellished One calm summer day when the sun was A great golden...tagged after exquisite Mary, And over the threshold 9f school He tripped in a temper contrary, And splintered the rule. A great consternation was kindled...

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