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among lions.

3. He shall send from heaven: and fave me from the (reproofj. 3 (Slanders, or false of him that would eat me up.

Acculations. ] See Vo4 God shall send forth his

cabulary. mercy and truth: my soul is

5. And I lie even among the children of men, that are fet on firet: whose teeth are spears

5 + With Spite und

Malice. and arrows, and their tongue a sharp sword. 6 [Set up thy self, O God,

6 [Magnify thy powabove the heavens: and thy that thou governest

er in saving me : Show glory above all the earth.] both the 'Heavens and

7 They have laid a net for the Earth. my feet, and pressed down my soul : they have digged a pit before me, and are fallen into the midst of it themselves.

8 My heart is fixed, O God, my heart is fixed : I will sing, and give praise.

9. Awake up, my [glory]; 9 [Tongue.] awake, lute and harp: I my felf will awake right early.

10 I will give thanks unto thee, O Lord, among


people : and I will fing unto thee among the nations.

11 (For the greatness of thy 11 (For I can no more mercy reacheth unto the hea meafürs, or compre

hend thy Mercy and Vens: and thy truth unto the Faithfulness, than I can clouds.]

the upper and lowerRe12 Set up thy felf, O God, gions of the Heavens.) above the heavens : and thy glory above all the earth.

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Michtam of David, (See Title of Psalm LVI.) againft

Saul's Evil Counsellors.

Si vere utique., Pfal. LVIII. i [Oyon Great Men

Re your set upon mer together in Coun

righteousness, [Oye concil.)

gregation:] and do ye judge the thing that is right, o ye

fons of men ? 2 (Contrive, Plot.) 2 Yea, ye [imagine] mifSee Vocabulary. chief in your heart upon the

earch : and your hands deal

with wickedness. 2, 3 These words (Tays 3 The ungodly are froward, Dr. Ham.) are not to be even from their mothers womb: taken ft ictly, but with some Latitude, viz. that as soon as they are born, they as soon as they are by go astray and speak lies. Age and Understanding, qualify'd, they do commit Sin, which is not very many Months after they are born. 4, S This which is

4. They are as venomous as here intimated concern

the poison of a serpent : even ing the Adder, is deliver'd by several very like the deaf adders that stop ancient Writers, and peth her ears; was a thing much spo


Which refuseth to hear the ken of in thole Coun.. voice of the charmer: charın tries.

he never so wisely. ;

6 Break thuir teeth, O God, 6 [Difarm, o God, in their mouths, smite the jawmy fierce Enemies, deprive them of all their bones of the lions, O Lord : Instruments of Mif- . let them fall away. like water chief; let their Persons that runneth apace, and when feffen, and fall off from they shoot their arrows let thein one another, and all be rooted out.] their Designs vanith, and be unsuccessful: Let them be in all refpects like Water poured out of a large Vessel, which ţho' at first ic make a great Sercam, yet by degrees ir sides a way, one part falls off from the other, cill at last it all finks and disappears : and when they are just going to execute their wicked Plors, in that moment cut them off.]

5. Let them consume away 7 4 Which, where-ever like a snail †, and be like the it goes, wets its path;

and by this means wastes [untimely fruit] of a woman:

and spends its self. and let them not see the sun.. [Abortive or imper

8 [Or ever your pots be feet Birth.] made hot with thorns fo let 8 [In as short a time

as a Por can be heated indignation vex him, even as a

with a blaze of Thorns, thing that is raw.]

so suddenly let che Wrath of God seize him: And let him feel the Judgments of God, and be as sensible of them, as if he were all over raw and Tore, being but one entire Wound.}

9 The righteous shall rejoyce of Like a great Cono when he feeth the vengeance :

queror, who returning, he shall wash his footlteps in with an absolute and

compleat Vi&tory, from the the blood of the ungodly t. flaughter of his Enemies, vi 10 So that a man fhall say, 'dips bin Feet in Blood, as Verily there is a reward for the be passes over their carrighteous : doubtless there is a

cafes. God that judgeth the earth.

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Evening Prayer.
Michram of David, (See Title of Psalm LVI.) when :
Saul sent, and they watched the House to kill him,
I Sam. xix.

Eripe me de inimicis. Pfal. LIX.
Eliver me from mine ene-

mies, O God: defend
from them that rise up against

20 deliver me from the wicked doers : and save me from the blood-thirsty men.

3 For lo, they lie waiting for my soul: the mighty inen are gathered against me without any offence or fault of me, O Lord.


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4 They


4 They run and prepare themselves without my fault : arise thou therefore to help me,

and behold. s [Those Men who 5 Stand up, O Lord God of call themselves thy Peo- hosts, thou God of Israel, to ple, but are as barba visit all (the heathen]: and be rous and false as Hea

not merciful unto * them that thens.] Ham. Patr.

* Them that offend of offend of malicious wickedness. malicious wickedness;] i.e. Obftinate, wilful, impenitent Sinners. See (Malicious ] in the Vocabulary.

6 They go to and fro in the 6 + In order to seize evening: they grin like a dog, me. See the Title.

and run about through the city t. 3. [Behold, they threaren hard and pub- their mouth, and fwords are in

7 [Behold, they speak with lickly, and what they threaten : their lips: for who doth hear?] for they who are in Authority will take no notice of what they lay, so as to prevent their doing what they threaten , no more than if they had never heard of their Intentions. ]

8 But thou, O Lord, shalt

have them in derifion : and 8. See ver. Si thou shalt laugh all the [hea

then] to scorn.

9 My strength will I ascribe únco thee: for thou art the God of my refuge.

10 God sheweth me his goodness plenteously: and God shall let me fee my desire upon mine enemies.

11 Slay them not, left my people forget it : bút scatter them abroad among the people, and put them down, O Lord our defence.

12 For the sin of their mouth, and for the words of their lips,



they shall be taken in their Preaching,] talkpride: [and why? their *preach- large, for the Hebrew ing is of cursing and lies.] word 'does nor only fignifie to speak, but to rehearse, or reckon up: So does the English [Preaching.] See Vocabulary.

[And there is good reafon for what I now say; for all their Discourse in Publick, as well as Private, is in order to encourage, and justify themselves in Perjury and Falfhood.]

13 Consume' them in thy 13 + As to their Popwrath, consume them, that er, Designs, and Parties, they may perish t: and know against me. For 'eis ethat it is God that ruleth in Ja- vident, that he does cob, and unto the ends of the nor pray, for the deworld.

struction of their Per

fons, from what goes 14 And in the evening they before, ver. 11. and will return: grin like a dog, what follows,ver.14,15. and will go about the city.

15 They will run here and 15 + Like Dogs. there for meat t: [and grudge complain and Murmur

[ And grievously if they be not satisfied.]

if they be disappointed 16 As for me, I will sing of of their Prey.] thy power, and will praise thy mercy betimes in the morning: for thou haft been my defence and refuge in the day of my trouble.

17 Unto thee, O my strength, will I sing : for thou, O my God, art my refuge, and my merciful God.


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