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covered with silver-wings, and of Slaves or Scullions. her feathers like gold.]

# The Wings of Dove? denores a most gay and Splendid State. Ham. Patr. Ainsw.

[Tho' you of the Houfhold of God, especially they of the Priesthood, have suffered much during the Reign of King Saul, I Sam. xxii, 17, 18. who was a Prince chat had no regard for Religion, ! Chron. xiii. 3. yet pow under a King, who is a Patron of the Priesthood, and has a Zeal for the Service of God, you may hope for more bright and shining Days.]

14 [ When the Almighty 14 To be * wbite descattered kings for their fake :

notes a moft glorious

and happy State, Luke then werethey as* white as snow ix. 29. Rev. ii. s. in Salmon.]

[ When God defeated so many Kings for the sake of his Family, that is

, the Priests and their Adherencs, ( See ver. 12, 13.) When the Almighty gave us such Success in war, in answer to the Devotions and Sacrifices of those who attended the Alcar, and the Tabernacle, then they, for whose fake God had done so much, were loved and honoured by all, they were look'd upon with admiration, like the Snow on the lofty Mountain of Selmon.]

15 [As the hill of Basan, fo 15 [And the Family is Gods hill: even an high hill, nourable as ever, and

as as the hill of Basan.]

the Hill of Zion, where this Family dwells, or to which they resort to Worship Him, is, upon this account, so considerable, that it does not only ourvy Salmon, but exceeds even the Mountain of Basan, cho' in bulk it be inferior to both.] 16 Why hop ye so, ye high

16 As if ye boped by hills 7? this is Gods hill, in the this means to increase which it pleases him to dwell: Zion. A Poetic Profo[yea, the Lord will abide in iç popæia.

(The Ark, the coken of his presence, shall never have any other fixt place of abode.]

17 *The chariots of God are 17 In what sense twenty thousand, even thou- Angels are the Charisands of Angels: (and the Lord

ots of God.

See Psalm

xviii. 10. is among them, as in the holy

(And the Lord is as place of Sinaj.)

effectually present among the Angels, which attend our Worship in zion, and who are represented by the Golden Cherubims over-thadowing the Aşk, ás ever he was in Șinai, when he gave the Law from thence.] Dent. xxiii. 2.

18 [Thou

for ever.]

K 2

18 * Led captivity 18 [Thou art gone up on captive. The fiebrein high, thou hast * led captivity Phraje thus rendred in this place, is turn'd, captive, and received gifts for Numb. xxi. 1. to take, men: yea, even for thine enePrisoners, and Deut.xxi. mies, that the Lord God might 10. to take Caprive, and that is the plain mean

dwell among them.] ing of it here. The whole Verse, if apply'd to the , Ark, may thus be understood, viz.

[Thou, O Symbol of the Divine Presence, wast folemnly brought up into the'Hill of Zion, 2 Sam. vi. thou hast often, by virtue of the Divine Presence, brought home great numbers of Enemies, as Captives, to attend thy Triumphs: The greatest Gift that ever was given to the Sons of Men, the Moral Law, writ on two Tables, is deposited in thee, Deut. X. 2, s. which was designed for the direction, not only of us, but all Men, even those who hate and dread thee, 1 Sam. iv, 7. and by observing which, they may be Ture of the Divine Favour, and that God will dwell among them.]

But the words may, in a more strict and proper sense, be understood of Christ, and so, without' doubt, were intended by the Divine Spirit. See Eph. iv. 8. viz.

[Thou, o Son of God and Man, art afcended into the highest Heavens; thou hast vanquish'd and triumph'd over the Kingdom of Darkness, and haft receiv'd the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, in order to confer them on Men, even the Heathens, and such as were formerly Enemies to Thee by their wicked Works; so that the Lord does as really dwell in Nations that were formerly Idolacrous, as ever he had done amongst his own People the Jews.]

19 Praised be the Lord daily: even the God who helpeth us, and poureth his benefits upon us.

20 He is our God, even the God of whom cometh salvation: God is the Lord, by whom we

escape death. 21.* Seals, 7 that is, 21 God shall wound the head Pate ; fo the same He- of his enemies: and the hairy brem word is turn'd,

* scalp of such a one as goeth Pfal. viš. 19.

on still in his wickedness. 22 [God hath given

22 [The Lord bath faid, I Is assurance, that he will now bring us back will bring my People again, as as Victorious, as he did I did from Bafan: minę own

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fel, by reason of the in 1 3th Day. The Psalms Explain'd. will I bring again, as I did some-. when we fought with time from the deep of the sea.]

Og, King of Bafan; or,

when he deliver d us 23 That thy foot may be from Pharaoh, and dipped in the blood of thine brought us through the enemies: and that the tongue

Red-Sea) of thy dogs may be red through the same. 24 (It is well feen, O God, fight to see how thou,

24. [ 'Tis a glorious how thou goeft : how thou, iny O our King and God, God and King, goest in the (by the token of thy sanctuary.]

· Presence, the Ark) 25 The singers -go before, cession through the

makest thy folemn Prothe 'minstrels follow after : in Sanctuary, in crder to the midst are the daisels play- march out with our ing with the timbrels.

26 Give thanks, O Israel,
unto God the Lord in the con-
gregations : from the ground
of the heart.

27 [There is little Benjamin 27 See and obtheir ruler, and the princes of serve, here are not only Juda their counsel : the princes Tribes following the of Zabulon, and the princes of: Ark

Ark in Procession Nepththali.]

Pf. Ix. 7. whereof the first, little Benjamin, has got the name of Ruler, because the first King, (Saul) was of thar Tribe : The other (Fudab) the Title of Counfords: But there'are likewise the tivo remotest Tribes, Zabulon and Nephthali, accending this Solemnity, and ready to engage, for the Service of God and their Country, agaiust this potent Enemy.] *r28 [Thy God hath sent forth 28 'Tis the will of strength for thee : ftablish the thy God, O Israel, that

has thus ftrengthned us, thing, O God, that thou haft

by uniting our Tribes: wrought in us,]

Be thou, O God, plea

sed to confirm and increase this Union.] 29 [For thy * temples fake at 29 * Temple, ] that is, Jerusalem: fó shall kings bring Sanctuary. See Psalm

v. 7. further. obterve, presents unto thee.]

that Jerusalem and Zion fignify one and the same City, both here, and in divers other places,

29 [Con

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29 (Confirm it, o God, for the sake of thy Sanctuary, which is now settled at Jerusalem, and on the account of the Services there perform'd to thee: And then shall other neighbouring Kings dedicate their Treasures, and Persons to thy Service, when they see how great a God thou art.] See 2 Sam. viii. 9, 10, 11.

30 When the company of the spear-men,and multitude of

the mighty are scattered abroad 30 (Together with [among the beasts of the people] che brucish Common- to that they humbly bring pieces Soldiers.

+ In order to buy Peace of filver t: and when he hath of the People of Ifrael. scattered the people that delight

in war,

31 # By way of Em

31 Then shall the princes bally to treat of Peace. * The Morians Land

come out of Egyptt:[*the Mohere fignifies Æthiopia,

rians land shall soon stretch out meaning & Country, her hands unto God.] whose People are Blacks. By the same Figure, or for the same Reason, we commonly call all such People Black-mores. We use likewise the same liberty, when we call the Southern parts of America, the West-Indies.

(The Arhiopians Thall foon stretch out their hands to God, in offering their Prayers and Oblations.] This Verse has been more fully verified in Christ Jesus, chan ever it had been before, to whom many Princes, in all parts of the World, have fubmitted chemselves

32 Sing unto God, O ye kingdoms of the earth : O fing praises unto the Lord,

33 Who fitteth in the hea.

vens over all from the begin33 * His Voice,] that ning: lo, he doth fend out *his is, the Thunder." See voice, yea, and that a mighty Psal. xxix. 3, doc. and


34 [Ascribe ye the power to 34 * Worship,) that God over Ifrael : his *worship is, Honour, Majesty. See the Vocabulary.

and strength is in the clouds.) [Acknowledge that Ifrael is God's peculiar Dominion, that He governs and presides over it in an especial manner; cho' his Power is not confined to any one Nation on Earth : nay, he reigns above in Heaven, as well as here below.]

xviii. 137

35 O God, [wonderful art 35 (Thou doft Wonthou in thy holy places] : even

ders, in confounding

our Enemies, by exertthe God of Israel ; he will give ing thy Power from thy strength and power unto his Throne in Heaven apeople ; blessed be God. bove, and the Ark here

on Earth.) Evening Prayer. A Psalm of David when in great Distress: And as what

David says of his own Sufferings, was more truly and literally fulfilled in Chrift ; Sos by parity of Reason, what is bere wish'd to the Enemies of David, may more probably be applied to the Enemies of Christ, and his Gospel. And accordingly St. Peter applies the 26th Verse to Judas, Acts i. 20. And St. Paul the 24th to the unbelieving Jews, Rom. xi. 10. and therefore 'tis only against such who would willingly, in the literal Sense, crucify the Lord of Life, that these Anathema's can juftly be used. See Preface.

Salvum me fac. Pfal. LXIX/
Ave me, O God: for the

waters are come in, even unto my foul.

2 I stick fast in the deep mire, where no ground is: I am come into deep waters,

so that the floods run over me.

3 I am weary of crying, my throat is dry : my fight faileth me for waiting so long upon

4 They that hate me without a cause, are more than the hairs of


head: they that are mine enemies, and would deftroy me (guiltless,] are mighty. Of that which chey ac

4 (Who am innocent Ś I paid them the things that cuse me.] I never took: God, thou know

S Ave

my God.

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